Imperial Accession

The Imperial Accession is an honor roll of individuals who have contibuted extroardanarily to the Imperial Odyssey universe, franchise or DataCore by any means deemed meritable by the creator of Imperial Odyssey, R.D. Womack II.

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Tristan has been a long time fan of the Imperial Odyssey series. He’s participated in “Imperial Odyssey – Turning Point” and the “Imperial Odyssey – Athenaeum” role-plays. He’s directed the film “Imperial Odyssey – Creed of the Trisaliens” and he’s written several short stories. Tristan is also the creator of the planet Rakent. He continues to be an avid follower of the Imperial Odyssey franchise.
Womack is the founding creator of Imperial Odyssey. He first created the Zintonieans when he was just six years old. After years of developing the universe he wrote the first draft of “Imperial Odyssey – The War of Twelve” in 2003. Along with Lukas Fisher he has developed the whole of the Imperial Odyssey universe. Womack has gone into such complex detail as to describe the biology, cultures, religions, technologies, and histories of every race in the Imperial Odyssey universe.
Lukas Fisher is the co-creator of Imperial Odyssey. He has created the Sarnisians, Eloth’Naka, Moranians, Derom’Soray, and characters such as Ullr, Cassandra, and Kyten. He has played as an Eloth’Naka in films such as “Imperial Odyssey – The Dawn of Dissonance” “Imperial Odyssey – Shadow’s Genesis” “Imperial Odyssey – The Relic” and he starred in “Imperial Odyssey – Truth Embargoed” He has written numerous short stories and participated in every single Imperial Odyssey role-play. As a principal creator Lukas is involved with every aspect of Imperial Odyssey and one of the primary forces behind the franchise.
Jon has been on the design team of Imperial Odyssey for over 3 years. He designed and fully published “Imperial Odyssey – The War of Twelve”, built the website, designed the official Imperial Odyssey logo, and designed the Imperial Odyssey star chart. Jon has also participated in the role-play “Imperial Odyssey – Athenaeum” and plans to continue working with the IO franchise.
Author of the award winning "Imperial Odyssey - Questions of War" Jon Chan is the first winner of the Imperial Odyssey short story contest. He is also the creator of the character High General Zal and the only author to write about the first Queen of the Zintoniean Empire.
Relatively new to the Imperial Odyssey universe, Deidre has assisted in the design aspect of Imperial Odyssey since day one. She helped with the opening sequence of “Imperial Odyssey – Silly Things” which has contributed to the design aspects of the Imperial Odyssey webpage. Deidre helped to develop characters and has played in “Imperial Odyssey – Athenaeum”.
Austin is one of the primary contributors to the Imperial Odyssey universe. He played Xeno and Zio in “Imperial Odyssey – The Dawn of Dissonance” and “Imperial Odyssey – Shadow’s Genesis” respectively. Austin has also acted in “Imperial Odyssey – Honor Thy Father” and played in multiple role-plays. Austin has created art and helped to develop several IO characters. Austin is author of "Imperial Odyssey – The Kae", placing second in the 2011 Imperial Odyssey Short Story Competition.

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