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"Denot'Am" excerpt from "Pariph la'Kae"

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...and so it shall be called the house of the Kae. All things of this manner and of this matter and forms across the universe, and the sea of black, and the things in which it encompasses, and those that are too small to see will fall under it. For in all of this that is and was and ever will be is seen from the house of the Kae. Bless...

For those who dwell in the house of the Kae were not always separated from one another. At a time, many times before this time, hate they made themselves solid into one voice. That with the one voice reigned over all things under the house of the Kae. For the house of the Kae is never-ending, nor does it have a beginning. Like a point in the ocean it can drift thro(ugh) all realms and over encompasses all. To us and our weak understanding it is the house of the Kae.

The one who spoke with one voice ruled over the house of the Kae, and all these other things. To it all made sense and things of perfection were kept in perfection. But for eight cycles it was kept this way and in the void of all things there was no life. A Kim'Alana passed in thought and in contemplation for this is the way of these to be conceived as in through but not in rash action. The power of thought is over that of action, but does not ex(i)st without him either. So this time did pass and for other consciences it was slow but it with which was spoken only one voice this time was as if a breath. In this period came another cycle, the ninth, and after it came the cycle of which we pass. For time for us in only to completed again, and beside us now are also the other cycles which complete themselves only to start over. Ten cycles shall run beside one another and continue in that way. (W)e are the tenth.

And the one with one voice stood in the house of the Kae and he spoke to all and of all things were heard. This be the first noise of the tenth and from it came the separation of the one with one voice. To it fell twenty forms, those who sit on high or in the center of all things for this is the way of the house of the Kae...and to us and to themselves be they called the Noble Prophets, of all creation and mercy and wisdom and divine things walk they and shall they to themselves and of all things be regarded as most pure and notable. This....the way...of....and builders of crea(tion) but builders only.

As if the flowing energy of life and souls came onto them, the Prophets took their twenty forms, and the true so happened. This is not a beginning, as some would see (it) as, nor shall it be an ending of an age as (ot)her too shall see it. This is the Prophets, those with no beginning but were always as one, now as twenty. Bless.

With which the first voice whom hath broken from the one and will stand separate, be this voice the Holy and Noble Fornoth, Prophet and Keeper of the Cycle. This Prophet shall stand with no form and shall be omnipresent, as with the others, but in no perceivable form. Not as wind to the ears or taste to the tongue nor as sight to the eyes or touch to the skin or smell or shall this Prophet come in dreams or speak to any. For this Prophet and o(n)to this Prophet comes the concerns or the cycle, and of the cycle, and the keeping of the cycle. For the cycle like that of under the house of the Kae is of all things. To us and to us who have come and gone this shall include all that we see and feel, tough and smell and dream and see, and of all things below above and around to. Fornoth, Prophet and Keeper of the Cycle will shed wisdom and will shed light, but also dark. To this holy Prophet the items of balance are concerned, such as the movement of things and the way of things as well. for balance shall come in the dark of winter to the bright of summer, and of life and death of the things around us, and us.

The second of these voices and the second of the Prophets shall stand Eexmoto, Prophet of Guidance. This Prophet as he will be known and love, will take the form and will walk across the ground of things and stand where other cannot. For he is a Prophet and his will be done. Eexmoto, Prophet of Guidance will also be onto himself like any other man, with form and looks as such. To him will ch(an)ge the subtleties but carry him with always a staff and book. From the book be the most holy of wisdom and teaching, and the staff to guide those who will follow the word and the will of this Prophet. Guidance commandeth he, and controls he the means by which life shall be lead. To those who follow the word of the Prophets be blessed, and those the words of Eexmoto, Prophet of Guidance be also equally blessed. He is a guide, and although appears as man to be seen in form, knows and hears all, as he is a Prophet of the house of the Kae.

Another voice came after Eexmoto, Prophet of Guidance, and she will become his companion and his wife, for her serves the truth of the path and the guidance that he set, but she will be the illumination at the end of the path. Be she onto us called Nav'Alaj, Prophet of Destiny, and she onto Eexmoto, Prophet of Guidance will be called equal and wife set she there the destiny of all things, but those seen and not. Strayed from this course can they be, but when all things achieve their greatest destiny then shall the houses unite and all things become the Kae.

...four(th)...(c)ame to be(ing) called for here and to all those who would hear the wisdom. Viek'Derom, Prophet of the Self. It is to this (ho)ly Prophets that all things of the self will aris and will concern. Weep, those wh(o) are mighty, and shed thine own, for this Prophet will bri(ng)…(und)er your com(man)d. Viek’Derom, Prophet of the Self, will arise in ever soul the power of self. To them shall their turn their third eye inward and reflect it upon their own soul and their own energy. This is the way of this holy and merciful Prophet….conflict will ari(se)…for unto ones self also sheds the light of all other things. And to them the self shall be blinded. And greed will surly follow. Weep, oh, and hold warning to their heart, for their heart will swell, but a big heart shall burst under scorn.

The fifth voice and fifth to rise from the separated is Neealoudt, Prophet of Deliverance. In times of past and in times of the near will there be a call for Deliverance and onto those who call shall Neealoudt bring Deliverance. Neealoudt, Prophet of Deliverance will stand both as Male and Female, leaders of the sword who will carry all those who call for it into of burning gold and eyes of the skin of the second brother. And th(o)se who see this will be inspired. For unto them and their (kn)owledge shall be brought Deliverance and it will take many forms. For at times the order must be forsaken and for freedom shall also be forsaken safety. This is not a call to rebellion as only shall the Prophets bring a great call and with them will come the words of Neealoudt, Prophet of Deliverance. But this is...manner. Neealoudt will lead those into the depravation of slavery against those who will and do dare call themselves masters. Unbalance to balance. Such is the way of the house of the Kae and all things under it.

Cassandra, Prophet of Salvation is to be the next form to rise and to take on the holy title of Noble Prophet. She takes up her sword against the armies of Deliverance for onto Cassandra hath things be kept in order, and to her also is her purpose of that of bringing balance to unbalance. For this in onto itself is balance, and unbalance to balance is also equal. Cassandra taketh the form of woman with white skin and a glow in her manifestation unseen but perceived. And onto her will beset the duties of maintaining order in the center o(f) chaos. For this is a noble job but at times can become cumbersome. For the greatest enemy to continuity is time and for many of her sight and of her all knowing shall this time be her worst enemy as well. But . Cassandra, Prophet of Salvation sees and hears all and will speak to all and her voice will be heard by all. Thus is the will and the way, and in her way, this manner is also made.

Zet'Cool, Prophet of Judgment is the seventh of the Prophets. To Zet'Cool, Prophet of Judgment be given the forms of man and woman...of...tribes of Aarie, and even of other tribes as well. And this is foretold because of Zet'Cool, Prophet of Judgment and the Prophet's pu(rp)ose. Stand the Prophet both in the house of the Kae and also in the things under the house of the Kae. This Prophet like the others shall hold connection...but of all things this Prophet does not concern and only with the things that breath life and pass. For this is the tenth cycle, and of all cycles thi(n)gs will come and go. It is the Judg(ment) of this holy Prophet that of which makes things come and go. To be bor(n) (an)d to be passed into the house of the Kae or to be sent again to be born again, or to be taken or to be decided. At which this Pr(ophe)t holds the power over these things. It is Zet'Cool, Prophet of Judgment who conflicts with Nav'Alaj, Prophet of Destiny. It is to be said that to be sent into the house of the Kae or to be sent back onto the houses below it does not require the Destiny to be set or made whole. for this shall open conflict when taken, but give the other Prophet purpose when Judgment is passed.

An eighth voice hath risen from the one who spoke with one voice. And this be another Prophet high and noble and who dwells in the house of the Kae and looks upon all things with gr(e)at wisdom. For onto her comes the sacred duty and the holy obligation of keeping the Bridge and thus she will be called Naomi, Prophet and Keeper of the Bridge. For onto her takes the form of female and she in on herself will stand taller than any man or any other creature of which shall travel to the bridge. Only through her keeping will we and those who will follow the word of the Prophets and follow us can go across the Bridge. The Br(idge) is the entrance to the house of the Kae and also into the entrance of the lower places. It is with her permission that the travels through the Bridge are made, and she sees...(d)efends bot(h)...and the house of the Kae. None will destroy her or the Bridge, and keeper shall she remain forever.

And so comes after Naomi, Prophet and Keeper of the Bridge another Prophet of the twenty. And he will be known as holy Olant, Prophet of Endowment. He is young and vibrant and forever both of these things. But Olant and his domain are not in the physical but transcend into the physical through the gift he bears. A warm heart. Olant, Prophet of he sh(ou)ld...(car)etaker of this. And all gifts of ability and achievements be given through him and through him will they blossom. This be the word and the will of Olant.

To Olant is his brother and his sibling. For Olant will control the things of which are given as gifts and his brother who stands beside him will control other things as well. Both are the holy, and bless be given. This other Prophet who is brother to Olant, Prophet of Endowment will be known as Ives, Prophet of Solidarity and the great unifier. To him he will pass the gift of understanding and common goal and united those who are not united. To him Cassandra will be a champion and lead his armies and her armies against those who would destroy the solidarity. But also when all are under a banner of the same then Ives will bless them, and likewise, lead their armies against those who are not, even those of Cassandra. Ives pushed the groups together and of his intentions is peace through the sha(r)pened tongue not sword.

Morkabe, Prophet of Judgment Impasse be the next Prophet. To this Prophet will come no form of which eyes can see or touch can fe(el) but of the ears and hear. Inside the mind and of those with open heart will this Prophet pass. And to them will he also bring Judgment and wisdom to help. For he will whisper of what is right and what is wrong, and many allies shall he make of those who will listen, and be them there at the well washing of their skin for onto them they are clean and pure. Li(ste)n to Morkabe, Prophet of Judgment Impasse and all things of this house will become clear and all roads and decisions shall be made. Blessed be this Prophet the fire in the night.

As is with the things of the lower houses also is there with the house of the Kae. And in its divinity the voice that was one divided and from this division stood Wran'Kaema, Prophet and Sentinel. This Prophet shall wear armor made of light and will carry the honorable weapon of his fist. To him stands he smaller than most but with a power to which none is equal. And in bat(tle)... Naomi, Pro(ph)et...Keeper of th(e)...For the Prophets have spoken and when such shall their will be carried out. But the armies of them will be enforced by Wran'Kaema, Prophet and Sentinel and his power unmatched. He is the enforcer.

Behind this Prophet stands another Sevoul, Prophet and Herald. She comes in the form of woman and with her brings the tidings and the will and the clarity and the grace of all of the house of the Kae. She will bring all messages across the Bridge and onto the lower houses and the things that lay beneath the house of the Kae.

Ahrak, Prophet of the Wake will be the keeper of the wake. In all of its cycle, that cycle of the tenth, and even of the other cycles beyond this passage and in other realms will Ahrak, Prophet of the Wake keep the records. This Prophet as of the cycle itself will take no form nor shall this Prophet stand against the elements but rather through them. For this Prophet understand that the cycle has no beginning and no end, and as such, will sing its song for all of eternity. This Prophet keep the record of the wake and the understanding of the wake as only the wake can be understood in full by Ahrak. All things leave their wake and create the wake and as such this Prophet knows all things and through this Prophet the others shall too know all things.

Next…(bre)thren of the highest is and will for all this cycle be called Hejan, Prophet of Standing Reason. The weight of m(an)y things will rest on the shoulders of this Prophet, and their weight will be measured by course. All will kneel before this Prop(het)…a(nd)…to come to the greater of terms. This Prophet will stand as a brother and take his form. He will have hair of lengths half his body, and eyes that pierce all reason. He shall carry a measure and scale, a hammer and dial of the universe. To him all matters of reasoning and logic will fall and blank will his heart be against the corruption of the outside on his influence. All will be held before this Prophets, and the dusts will scatter.

Should Hejan, Prophet of Standing Reason have a counter you shall find it in the next of the voices to take form. This Prophet stands as female with skin of golden brown and a voice of morning mountain air and (sh)e (sh)all be called Ayam’Yow, Prophet of Essence. This Prophet will hold command over the essence of all sentience and of the house of the Kae. Love and hatred and all these things that should fall between are….cupped onto…like water. And she will hold them to her heart and spread to the children of the Kae. For she brings balance to unbalance, feeling to reason, and heart to matters of the mind. And to there also shall the conflict against Hejan, Prophet of Standing Reason begins. For never will….arms, but in tempered words of silence begot. Worship and bless.

Granmok, Prophet of Revelation is the next voice to separate and the next voice to take form. This Prophet is neither the physical nor the state of the mental. The Prophet shall be held in no eyes or nor imagination. This Prophet is in no tangible for nor is the gift that Granmok, Prophet of Revelation gives to those of the lesser houses. For this gift is that of the influence, and of the words, and of the noble status of both heart and mind of the Kae. And this gift shall bring those who are powered with the Kae. All the power of the upper house shall flow over the bridge and swiftly uptake their feet and shall they fly. None will perish from this cycle and their named will be called from the stone.

And….cometh they in forms of the great and all-powerful. And the first Prophet is the Prophet of the First Brother and the Prophet of the Skies, and shall be…as Legamet. This Prophet can take the form of male or female and of that of the first brother. And all gifts and power of the skies shall be brought forth onto this Prophet and Legamet’s kingdom shall reign over the first brother.

Should they hold the power of the seas and onto them their ruler the Prophet of the Waters. Brawl shall be this Prophet’s name and of the second brothers form both that of male and female shall Brawl hold. And Brawl will rule over the second brother and all she hold their dominion to this Prophet, Brawl, Prophet of the Waters.

Sach’Morana is the Prophet of the Soil. This Prophet will stand in the form of the third brother and will be both male and female. And this Prophet will be known for the marking on the back and on the arms. And these markings will speak holy to the third brother and lo shall they fall and worship this mighty Prophet.

These words are holy and to the ages they will stand. To you(r) (kn)ees drop and lift…holy Prophets….of all (th)e…(wor)rie(s)…and favor of them. All worshipers will lift to the mighty Prophets and the conclusion of these words. These are your Prophets, these are the mighty voices who have risen and they shall command all the life in the lesser houses.


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