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The home planet of the Humans. Earth has a population of 6.5 billion people. It has become a cultural hub and key defensive region.
“Home planet” of the C Crune. Ancient C Crune landed on this world with 37 ships and inexplicitly destroyed their technology. Empth is now the Crune hub of technological innovation. It has a population of 6 billion.
Eyton is home to the Moranians. It has suffered tremendous damage from warfare and technological pollution. Eyton is isolated and perhaps the most heavily defended planet in the galaxy. It has a population of 1.2 billion.
Home planet of the Millione. Gnat has more pre-industrial cultures and tribal nations than any other planet in the Zintoniean Empire. This is due to their slow assimilation into the Zintoniean Empire, as well as a general policy to allow the cultures their own personal freedom. Gnat is somewhat colder…
The Helmecute Planet is the crown jewel of Zintoniean science. It has been named a natural sanctuary and as such the planet is limited to only 15 million, mostly military and scientists. The Helmecute Planet is a rich habitat with some of the most unique biological specimens in the galaxy.
The Zintoniean Imperial Palace is the capstone of the Zintoniean government. Its three towers are each a hundred stories tall, housing all branches of government, offices, military command posts, multiple museums, gardens, support facilities, and recreation facilities. The palace is a massive self contained city with all the essential components…
The home world of the Nicronieans. It is a diverse planet with hundreds of eco systems and some of the deepest oceans in the populated galaxy. There are 5 billion people living on Nicroniea.
A planet in deep space that is home to thousands of ancient Aarie monuments, ruins, and other special artifacts. The Planet of Runes is also the home of the “Pariph la’Kae”, a religious text of the Sarnisian and Moranian peoples. Sarnisians consider it to be a holy planet and frequent…
The Pyramid of the Door is an enormous pyramid on Sarnisia. It was constructed hundreds of thousands of years before the building of the Zintoniean Empire. Rumored about at first, the pyramid is confirmed to be carved from a single monolithic stone. The pyramid is isolated from most Sarnisian population…
Raywill is the home planet of the B Crune. Like the Millione homeworld, it is colder than most other planets. Since the dawn of space exploration, most of its former 8 billion population have since left, leaving the planet with only 1.5 billion inhabitants.
Sarnisia is the home planet of the Sarnisian people. It is 99% water and orbits a small red dwarf sun. There is a single landmass on the planet but it is sparsely populated. Most Sarnisians make their homes on isolated synthetic islands. Sarnisia is hidden behind dust clouds, star clusters…
The Secret Boyie World is a planet inhabited illegally by Boyies in deep space. Far from the reach of superior powers, Boyie immigrants were planning on starting a thriving life. Instead they discovered a strange and mysterious fusion power source. It is theorized the power source was created by ancient…
Spaceports are found throughout the galaxy. They are a haven of commerce, recreation, trade, and cultural diversity. They can be found on space stations, planets, moons, asteroids, or anywhere else large enough to accommodate large ships. Contrary to popular fiction spaceports are not usually lawless and dangerous.
Home world of the Tloyd. Tloyd is somewhat smaller than Earth but denser. Its infrastructure was nearly destroyed at the end of the Tloyd Conquest of 2095.
Home world of the A Crune. Yu is the capitol of the Crune Empire and home to some of the most majestic museums and historical places of the Crune. It has a population of 6 billion people.
The birthplace of the Zintonieans. It has a population of 7 billion people.
Zintoniea C is the capital planet of the Zintoniean Empire. Like most habitable planets, it has an extremely diverse range of climates, eco systems, and temperate zones. It's population is 4 billion.
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