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Imperial Odyssey - The Betrayal

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You know how this story ends.  Of how the Zinotoniean Empire conquered Tloyd.  But to understand the story we need to go back to the beginning. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 17:43

Imperial Odyssey - The Kae

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I was born into this life. Some may say it's dark or murderous. But it's my life, and our traditions and customs are the only thing I've ever known. I don't question my role. I carry out my orders without hesitation.

My mother was a priestess serving in the Temple of the Prophets. I never knew my father. He was killed on mission, jettisoned from the hull of an airship where the Zintonian Queensmen were conducting a mission. Or so I am told. So my mother raised me by herself. I know it must have been hard for her, although she never complained about the loneliness.

I was chosen at a young age to train at the temple, which only a select few have the privilege, nay, the Honor of undergoing the trials that make one into an Eloth' Naka. Naturally, I was scared. I had never been away from home before but I didn't have a choice in the matter. One does not simply refuse the training. I could see the sadness in my mother's eyes as they took me away from her. The last thing she said to me was "Be strong my son." That's all I've ever tried to be.

Monday, 28 November 2011 03:24

Imperial Odyssey - The Currency of Information

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Roll credits over:


Depths of space dense with stars Camera very slowly pans right during all credits As last credit fades camera stops as As bow of spaceship appears camera right Continue camera rolling to:


Depths of space dense with stars A spaceship slides past stationary camera from right. Looms large on screen, lite apparently by distant moonlight and glint of sunlight on closest details, showing minute details as it slides past the camera slowly no navigation lights of any sort can be seen on the ship. A huge viewport appears and side of Sandra's face (no hat), illuminated by multicolor lights, seen through the viewport puts the ship into perspective. a solo Trisalien FTL with huge FTL drive pushing a miniature cockpit barely large enough to hold (Tloyd) Sandra.

Monday, 14 November 2011 18:22

Imperial Odyssey - Repeat

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Planet: Unknown

Time: Unknown, Post War

Every morning the girl awoke, packed her bag, kissed her mother, father and young sister good bye and walked to school. Every day she went to the same classes, talked to the same people and ate lunch under precisely the same tree. Every afternoon she walked home, had an unremarkable dinner identical to the night before, did her homework and teased her sister. Every evening she brushed her teeth, made up with her sibling and read the same pages of the same book before falling asleep. Every night she had a terrible nightmare, all of which was forgotten by morning. Repeat.

Monday, 14 November 2011 18:20

Imperial Odyssey - Network

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On a outpost world within the Trisalien territory. A strike team of 12 made of Terrans, Tloyed and Millione lead by a Terrain name L.T Dick Price. When they come to the out post fence they have to cut there way into the outer parts of the base. They quickly take out any guards they come across. When they come to the base. The team broke into three smaller teams. One went to the outer power generator, another stayed by the base door and the last went to the back door.

Monday, 14 November 2011 18:19

Imperial Odyssey - Homefront

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On the Capital world of the Zintoniean Empire the imperial senate meets about the war with the Trisaliens. With more then half saying the war must go on till total victory has been won. There thoughts being in the last several weeks there has been one major victory after another. Despite the fact that Trisaliens have been using the codes they obtained to get by the Satellite network. Every attack they have launch has been pushes back. But with the counter argument being but with every victory the lost in life was greater on the side of the Empire not the Trisaliens. Even if there battle group take 80% lost or more. The damages to these worlds will cost more in the long run. And the Trisaliens no this to be true. If the Trisaliens keep using the advantage to keep pushing deeper into the Imperial space. What is to stop them from attacking Zintoniea C it's self. The other sides clam that the fleet in orbit around the planet is far to strong to even dare to attack us here. They wouldn't be able to get any of there ship to the planet. In come back. They will hit us where we think were the most safe. But in the end the senate votes to keep the war going.

Sunday, 30 October 2011 23:48

Imperial Odyssey - Relay

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My name is Captain John Oliver. I was station on Brushfire about 9 years into the war with Trisalien. My unit was to guard a Trisalien com relay. It allowed us to listen in and spy on the Trisaliens in three star systems. When I was Stationed here with my unit there were about 700 of us. Were down to fewer then 400. The trisalien keep trying to take the relay back. If they could they would just destroy it. But because were underground and the shielding we've put up the only way they can get to it and us is to come though the tunnels. In the last 5 months they have lunch one attack after another trying to break us. But as they haven't. We've been asking for help for two weeks. The empire was finally able to get help. They sure took there sweet time. A unit of Crune came. So all together there are about 900 of us to hold the line against endless waves of Trisaliens. The brush fire relay or what we've come to know as hell was an important orders were to hold it and stand til the last man.

Sunday, 30 October 2011 23:48

Imperial Odyssey - Last Hope

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With the 2nd brushfire war ragging now for 4 years and because of the betrayal of major Hex. Having given the Trisaliens ability to by pass all forms of radar that the empire has, and with victory, after victory the Trisaliens have mange to push dip into there enemies territories. With both the Crune and Zintoniean empires on the verge of defeat. The Trisaliens have offered both empires a chance to surrender to end the war and to save live. But under the Trisalien rule.

Sunday, 30 October 2011 23:46

Imperial Odyssey - The Sarnisian Wizard

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Grimbold Lesling never liked mornings. They reminded him too much of Mondays, which he hated even worse. And don’t get me started about Monday mornings, of which this was. Grimbold hadn’t had a real job in so many ears he couldn’t remember what it was like, but Mondays remained despised. Grim, bleary eyed, was slapping randomly at the bed stand trying to turn off the blasted alarm, which, ironically, was not ringing. Eventually he woke sufficiently to realize the ringing was all in his head and turned his head to check the time. The clock read 3:05 AM Feb 3, 2053. If there was one thing Grimbold hated more than Monday mornings, it was waking early on a Monday morning with a hangover.

Friday, 28 October 2011 02:36

Imperial Odyssey - Questions of War

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2011 Imperial Odyssey Short Story Competition Winner

Pir: All modern astrophysicists from every space faring species agree, the universe is vast. It's filled with wonders beyond counting. More resources than we could ever use. Maybe it'd take a while to find them but they are out there. That brings us back to the question: Why is there war? Nature always takes the path of least resistance. Yet nearly no sentient species ever does. Maybe it's rebellion, to prove that we have master Nature. The Aarie have fought at least three wars that brought them to near extinction. Humans have fought not one or three but four world wars. After that advent of COIL drivers this seems illogical. Why? That is the question.

Saturday, 22 October 2011 06:51

Imperial Odyssey - The Traitor

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Schofield stands in a room in front a table with two men sitting in front of him.

Major Ken: "For the navy record General Ken and Major Hex interview of Colonel Schofield. Please for the record your name, Rank and ship you serve."

Schofield: "Colonel Schofield. Captain of the Z.E.S Avenger."

General Ken : "Tell us in your words of the events near Williams Cluster and the disaster there of."

Saturday, 22 October 2011 06:47

Imperial Odyssey - Aid Station

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It was tell end of the year 2199. The second Brushfire war had been going on for about five months. My name is Rick J. Price. I was surgeon station at an aid station on the planet Avalon. In those beginning months of the war Avalon had some of the worse fighting. I was sent to Avalon to replace the lead Surgeon when he was killed by Trisalien motor shell. When I first got to Avalon the fighting had died done a little. But I dump enough to think that maybe it wasn’t as bad as the news made it out to be. Over the next few weeks the fighting began to build up again to some of the bloodiest ever. Also because of the line always shifting our unit had to keep moving.

Mud spattered my face as I ran through the forest. The path was dimly lit, but still pretty hard to see anything farther than fifteen feet in front of me. The night sky gave little light to my path. Thank the Maker the path was relatively clear of debris, or I may have twisted my ankle on the uneven ground. My lungs felt as though they were on fire having run this long. Almost mile three in a short amount of time. My legs were heavy. They were trying to stay firm under the weight of my body and the assault pack I was carrying, though I could feel thy wanted to give way and crumble to the earth.

“No time to stop,” I whispered to myself as I continued to trudge along the dark path. “Almost there.” My feet ached and longed for the time they would be released from their leathery prison and breathe the fresh air of my barracks bay. My shoulders screamed at me to throw of the pack and allow them to come to a relaxing hang. Dryness overcame my mouth and my tongue clung to its walls as if it were afraid it might fall out of it. I tried to lather up some spit to put it at ease but no matter how hard I tried, my mouth remained a desert. “Have to… keep moving.”

I could see the finish line through a slit in the trees about 500 feet away. There, I saw a line of shadows, and although I wasn’t sure of their numbers, I knew it was almost over. My mind pushed all other feelings of pain and misery out of my body until the only thing running through my mind as fast as I was physically running was, “Push it! Move it! Don’t quit now! It’s almost over!” I reached under the straps of my assault pack and hiked it up higher on my shoulders releasing the tension slightly. Digging my feet into the muddy ground, I picked up my pace until I was at a full sprint. I was sure my lungs were going to explode, or my legs would give out under my body throwing me to the ground. I didn’t care. I had to keep moving. The only motivation I had was to finish so I could stop running. Kind of contrary to my whole situation, but motivation of any kind is still motivation.

The tree line came quickly, and once free of it, there was only about 200 feet to go. I dug deeper still, pushing my body to its limits. Every part of my body was pleading with me to stop, but I sprinted still. The faces of the shadows began to take form. I recognized them to be the Queensmen Training Instructors. One was holding a stop watch. He yelled the current time to those crossing the finish line. “14:17, 14:18, 14:19…” As I crossed the line he yelled out, “14:26!”

As I slowed to a complete stop, I felt my entire body shaking. My lungs sucked in as much air as capacity would allow and kicked it out just as fast as it had taken it in. I was weak at the knees but my legs held true. I hunched over and heaved for a second, not quite sure if I was going to vomit or not. I gagged as I took in another breath and stood up straight. Not too long after I stood up, I was overcome with nausea and I bent back over and vomited. The pain brought me to my knees. As I clenched the ground, one of the QI’s came over to me.

“Don’t worry,” he began, “it’s just weakness leaving the body. You’re a stronger man now, or at least, a dumber one.” He laughed as smacked my back which made me vomit further than intended. I stood back up and kicked sand over the spot where my innards had projected out of my body to prevent anyone else from stepping in it. I held my stomach as I turned around. The sun had begun to rise and the last of the runners were just finishing up. I wasn’t the first one to cross the finish line, but I sure a hell wasn’t the last. I smiled at the satisfaction of not being last.

After everyone had finished their run, the QI’s turned to us and said, “Not too bad for the run overall. However, as you know running is only one part to the exam. Next is the swim, and marksmanship course. After that, one on one combative training, your choice of weapons. All this before you can graduate. We’ve given you the tools, now let’s see what you do with them. Stay sharp and good luck to you all.” He turned and left us there to our thoughts. One and a half mile timed swim, marksman qualifications on the Shadow I, II, and III rifles, as well as one on one hand to hand combat. Some may end up dead, others will not pass. But as for me… I’m going to become a Queensmen for her Majesty the Queen of Zintoniea.

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Imperial Odyssey - Athenaeum

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You stand on the bridge of the Z.I.S. Astrolabe, a Science Corps ship; advance sensors, light weaponry, cloaking shield, and a crew of fifteen hundred, including sixty Marines. For the past two weeks you've been blazing a trail into the uncharted regions of space, far from the protection and safety of the Empire's boarders. But that doesn't concern you now, only the strange beacon flashing on the computer screen captures your attention.

"Report!" you bark.

"Captain," your science officer, LT. Ts'ui, responds, "The beacon is coming from a planet up ahead. Nitrogen Oxygen atmosphere, gravity Earth plus twelve percent. I'm reading oceans, forests, mountains, deserts. It's a habitable planet." Her matter-of-fact voice resounds throughout the bridge. Just as she finishes your tactical officer, LCDR Marcus Yeshoris, starts rattling off a report.

"Captain. I have contact. Unidentified ship in high orbit above the target planet. Configuration unknown. It has advance weapons systems, probably a cruiser of some sort. They haven't identified us yet. And I have another contact on long range scanners. ETA, 16 hours."

"Can you pinpoint the location of the beacon?" You ask.

"Yes sir!" Your sensor officer, LT. Godhoj answers. "It's on the Southern continent of the planet. But there's a bad storm in the area."

You sit back in your chair, taking in all the information. After careful thought, you make your next move...

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Move out system, activate cloaking shield outside of the other ships sensor range and return for a closer look.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Use whatever stealth systems and equipment we have, don't get close to the other ship. Try to ID it as far away as possible. Also, try to figure out the nature of the storm, is it thunder/electrial storm or a snow sotrm or some kind of space-like storm?
(sorry i don't know my sci-fi terms)

Austin Lawrence: ?"Stay low, get out of enemy range..* if it is an enemy ship*
We head for the find the location we are searching for....nothing gets in my way."
"LT Ts'ui,!"
"yes captain"
"Bring me my G STRING...I want this moment to feel ominous...!!!"
The LT hands the Captain his ...guitar....he plays his dark tune on the G string as he stares out into the vast emptiness.
As he finishes the melody, the captian razes his head,squints his eyes....he sees the storm that is in his way..and says, with great authority..."CATCHPHRASE" be continued

The ship is cloaked on your orders and you move closer to the planet. "LT. Ts'ui, full scan of the storm. Mr. Yeshoris, full report on that ship." You sit back, humming some old familiar guitar tune you learned as a child.

"Captain, the storm is a category 4 hurricane which has just made landfall. The beacon appears to be emanating from a structure inside the storm, but there's a lot of interference." Ts'ui answers. The Lieutenant Command is quick to follow.

"That ship is of unknown origins sir. But it appears to be a heavy cruiser. Its targeting the beacon with some sort of energy field. I can't get a solid lock. Wait..."

There's a pause. You turn in your seat to see Yeshoris pale as a ghost. "Sir they're targeting weapons!"

"Shields up!" you order. The cloaking shields drop and a barrier of energy shields fly up in their place. Just in time as a small plasma bomb impacts the side of the ship. The massive cruiser turns and fires again. This time you aren't so lucky and the salvo knocks out power to half your ship.

"Damage report!"

"Main power offline. Limited weapons, no shields. Maneuvering thrusters only!"

"Sir," Ts'ui speaks, pulling herself off the ground. "Whatever that beacon is, they don't want us to have it." With a trickle of blood leaking from your lip, you stand, and take your next course of action...

Carey G DuVal: Get us out of their field of fire. Strafe and keep the bow pointed at him, don't present him a broadside.
Scramble any forces that we have to give us cover as we fall back (Fighters? Would those be on board?)
Get the engineers moving. I'd want shields and weapons restored immediately.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Get the mechanics and repair and engineers moving and repair ouur ship sheilds and engines restored as soon as possible and get our sorry asses out of there, we can't combat a heavy cruser. We will drop an awayteam to search for the beacon once we are out of the range of the cruiser...

Seth Lawrey: Engineer here running down to fix everything.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Get the heck out there. We dont have the kind of firepower needed to handle this and they had the advantage on us to begin with. We cant do anyone any good if we are dead.


Austin Lawrence Composer: ?"Sir," Ts'ui speaks, pulling herself off the ground. "Whatever that beacon is, they don't want us to have it." With a trickle of blood leaking from your lip, you stand, and take your next course of action...The captain gives a sly smile and says, " If they don't want us to have it..then that makes this even more exciting! Now I HAVE to have it" "
"Yes sir"
See if we can channel the remaining power to the shilled generators, take all weapons off line to conserve energy , and transfer that to the shields"
The Lt now on her feet, still staggering from the from the attacks looks t the captain and says " But sir, that would make us vulnerable, if we take the weapons off line.."The captain glares at the Lt and says with authority " We are venerable even with them! small weapons like these are not enough to penetrate their shields, we only have one option."
The LT looks back at the captain ...she knows what he is thinking, she can tell by the crooked smile on his face.
"Captain, I know what you're thinking, its madness!"
the captain replies " madness!? YES....madness is what has kept me alive..madness is what saved my as during the war."
"What about the beacon captain" the LT asked, still unsure of her Captains sanity at this point.
The Captain grins, takes a breath, and replies with a laugh " Well.....we need something to do while waiting for the storm to pass don't we"?
The captain, never makes a decision without thinking about the consequences, his crew knows this well.
The captains eyes changed as he gave the next order.
"ALRIGHT!!" yells the Captain, "Do as I say! Transfer the power from the weapons to the shields, use the thrusters to get us as close as we can get to their ship, the shields we have, using the other power supply should protect us long enough to get in range..,...and boys....."
The captain pauses, the crew stops in the middle of the chaos to hear what he has to say.
"...bring out the grappling arms!!! if it is a fight they seek, it is a fight they shall have! Prepare to board!"

Austin Lawrence Composer: PS, I had some sweet music running through my head for this!!!!

GM: Wow (Oh, and Carey, I can't tag you so you'll need to watch for updates like a hawk)

Carey G DuVal: Hawking as we speak.

Andrew Long: Deploy all fighter squadrons!Get someone to engineering! to get the laser batteries running again AND FIX THE SHEILDS!

GM: Andrew, please comment on the next installment, because the result of this installment is already posted. Thank you.

Andrew Long: curses!

3 votes back off
3 votes repair the ship
2 votes attack
Fish and Austin win style points. Well done

With a brawny voice you take command of the situation. "Helm, back us off! Damage teams get to work, shields are the priority!" Your helmsman, Ensign Jawlt, brings the Astrolabe around and backs it off from the attacking ship. You stare into the view screen as the juggernaut of a cruiser holds position.

"How did they see us! We were cloaked!" Your tactical officer screams with frustration.

"Doesn't matter now. We need to get the shields repaired. There's another one of those ships en-route and I don't want to be caught with our pants down. Engineering!" You slam your hand on a comm. button. "What's our status?"

Your Chief Engineer, LCMD Dawkins calls back through the squawk box, "Sir, we're messed up pretty bad. Our main engines are going to be offline for a while. Long range sensors and communications are down, as is our cloak. Weapons and shields are going to take a while to fix but we can't take any more hits lik..."

A massive explosion cuts him off mid sentence. You feel the deck under your feet lift up like a tidal wave, throwing you across the bridge. A fire breaks out as several computer stations explode. You land shoulder first into the hard metal deck. The bulkheads around you crack as plasma energy rocks the ship's skeleton.


"Its shooting again!"LCMD Yeshoris shouts. The sounds of sirens and screams fill the air. Emergency lighting takes over and you find yourself bathed in an eerie red light.

"Captain!" LT Ts'ui calls out to you. "I'm reading multiple contacts. Shuttles sir, inbound!" Years of military experience has taught you what to expect. Those shuttles are full of Marine boarding parties. Cripple an enemy ship, send Marines to capture the crew, then capture the ship. It's simple tactics that have been used since the dawn of naval warfare.

"Sir," she continues. "Two of the shuttles are breaking off and heading down to the planet. They're going for the storm!" Just as she rattles off her last report a spark blows out her computer, leaving her sensors blind in the dark abyss of space.

"Everyone, arm yourselves!" Your orders resonate through the bridge. "We're going to...

James Fisher: Make like River Tam and stimulate the basterd's blood flow!

GM: Firefly references are always a win.

Steve Brand: play dead.... let them board. catch them off guard, return some sort of bomb back to sender via one or many of the boarding craft.

Steve Brand: oh and speaking of Firefly references.... it looks like civilization has caught up with us.

GM: All hands are at battle stations. Your answer doesn't really give us much to work with.

Steve Brand: ...I think you missed a paragraph or two.

GM: Ditto.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "We're going to shit ourselves and toughen up."
Everybody get a gun, try and guard the engineers who are repairing our engines. Some people will guard the repair men, and some guard the bridge. Cut off the lights. we know the inside and directions of the halls, they don't. This should give us a homefield advantage.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Do we have any single ships? Any anti-small craft weapons that might be online? If we do lets get those out there to deal with some of the shuttles... The fewer shuttles there are the easier this will be.
If possible lock down and seal most of the doors so that the enemy is forced to go to a launch bay for shuttles. Set charges in the launch bay and prepare to ambush the enemy once they are all in the room. Create choke points and force the enemy through one at a time where ever possible. Get everything locked down as well as possible before the boarding craft arrive and then wait.

Ryan Wakeman: Unleash hell.

GM: To all playing the RP, Lukas Fisher is no longer participating as a roleplayer. Instead, he will help IO write these notes. Also, the RP will split into individual roles, and each of the active participants will have a character on the ship. If you have a preference on your type of character, you have a scientist, a Marine, an sailor, or a technician. You MUST comment below with your preference to be given a specific job. Otherwise, your future responses will be factored into the role where they are most needed to advance the story.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I would like to be a Marine.

Carey G DuVal: I'll go with Marine as well. I don't know enough about spacecraft to pull off a tech or a scientist.

Carey G DuVal: And by the way, did anyone else totally hear Tom Sizemore's voice when they read "What's our status?"

Steve Brand: um.... I didn't take engineering classes to be a goddamn technician. I'm an engineer. I solve problems. Not "what is beauty" because that falls under the previews of philosophy. No, I solve practical problems.

Carey G DuVal: Is this the awesome reference note or what?

Ryan Wakeman: Helmecute motha fucka!

GM: Sixteen hours since our announcement, and here is the breakdown: Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee is a Marine, Carey G DuVal is also a Marine, Steve Brand is a "seasoned" technician, Ryan Wakeman is a sailor Helmacute, complete with cute white uniform. Jon Gardner is a new crewman on his first mission. There will be one more installment of the joint RP before your characters will be individualized, so look for your specific character in the note tomorrow. Today's note will arrive sometime around early to mid afternoon. Thanks for playing, and invite friends! As of now, we have six active participants. The more, the merrier!

Ryan Wakeman: Cute white uniform huh? lol, how fitting.

Andrew Long: Gonna go for a Marine. I solve problems by shooting things.

The Captain takes a deep breath, swallowing his pride. He keys the mike on an open channel.

“All hands, abandon ship. Repeat: All hands, abandon ship. Marines, deploy to Medical, Engineering, and the Labs as escort. All essential personnel proceed immediately to the nearest…BRACE FOR IMPACT!”
A shudder ripples through the 30cm thick steel plating, throwing everyone to the ground again. LT Ts’ui does not get back up. Ensign Jawlt yells over the sparking mainboards and the screeching metal.
“Sir, boarding parties are attached on decks 4, 6, and 7. Thermal detects multiple contacts heading towards Engineering and the labs.” The Captain keys the mike again, but the line is severed. In anger, he throws the useless hunk on the ground. As it rolls away, the Captain looks to the cruiser outside his ship. The craft is growing larger as it glides closer through the milky dark of space. The Astrolabe never stood a chance against it, he realizes. As he watches, more transport ships leave the hulking cruiser and move towards the center of the storm on the planet. More than ever, his curiosity, even in the face of annihilation, gets the better of him. What could be down there that is so important as to engage a foreign vessel with no warning? The Captain turns to helmsman Jawlt, who is working furiously to correct the Astrolabe’s twisting course through space.
“Ensign, use all available power to direct this ship towards the eye of the storm. I want all escape pods preprogrammed to land within 5 kilometers of our projected impact location.”
“Sir…” Ensign Jawlt looks stricken with fear, “Did you say ‘impact’?” The Captain smiles.

Elsewhere on the ship...

A group of sailors, Marines, and scientists all huddle in a tight group behind a wall leading to a small bunch of escape pods. One Marine stands head and shoulders above the rest, occasionally popping around the corner to shoot at a bulkhead down the hallway. The bulkhead contains a growing number of dead soldiers, each of which is wearing some sort of mask or facial paint. The large Marine continues to engage the soldiers, while the motley group behind him huddles in fear.
“I know I’m not the only one with a weapon, so someone come help me pin these guys down while the rest of you get to the pods!” He yells to the group, jolting them from their fear-induced stupor. One man steps from cover to fire a pistol at the bulkhead, but is quickly cut down by energy rounds. The large Marine looks at the dead body now at his feet, kicks it derisively, and steps from cover himself, firing his rifle on full-auto towards the bulkhead. The enemy soldiers duck behind their cover momentarily, and the Marine yells to his group one last time.
“RUN, you giant bunch of pu---“A round impacts the Marine’s shoulder and slams him against the wall, knocking him unconscious.

A large group of Marines encircle three M237 Grasshopper Class Dropships while several sailors, technicians, and scientists run up the ramp into the holding containers. The enemy soldiers are firing from a catwalk above the dropships. Several techs are cut down as they sprint towards another set of escape pods along the edge of the hanger, but a few make the attempt. One scientist who is running with both hands full of equipment is knocked to the ground with a shot to her leg, scattering her gear everywhere. A lab assistant quickly picks her up and starts to drag her off, but she jumps back and grabs a small data pad, even as more rounds impact the ground near her. The lab assistant drags her away, and they barely make it into a container before the pilot blasts off into the darkness.

The Captain draws himself up to his full height, alone on his bridge, staring at the cruiser that has halted 50km away. As fire consumes most of the electronics, and the bodies of half of the bridge staff are strewn about the twisted metal, he looks away, into the bridge of the opposing vessel. He looks at his screens, noting the 40% of the escape pods are safe and away, headed towards the preprogrammed point. As another explosion rips through the stricken ship, his gaze tightens on the enemy bridge. With two swift hand motions, the Captain trips the SOS signal and engages the docking jets, putting the ship into a steep descent into the eye of the storm. The clouds engulf the entirety of his view, and lightening is the last thing he sees. Lightening, and a pale silhouette of a structure bigger than any he’s ever seen. His last thought is one of intense curiosity.


You wake up to the smell of burning oil. As the acrid scent hits your nose, you jolt upright, suddenly remembering the ball of flame engulfing the cabin of your escape pod. You remember panic, blood, screams, and blackness. As the memories come flooding back, you look around you. Wreckage is everywhere. Piles of mangled metal lie in heaps embedded into the ground, with rocks and small outcroppings jutting from the green grass. Pools of oil burn lower in the small ravine you find yourself in. You can see several bodies, none of them moving, amid the wreckage and around the rocks. As you pull yourself to your feet, you recoil in pain. Looking down, your left calf is badly lacerated, but the wound has been cauterized by the heat of the initial blast. You’re fine…for now. Infections can begin in as little as a few hours, and you know that without treatment, you will be in a lot more trouble than you are now. Struggling to your feet, you can see a little farther, and with that small advantage, you seen several people moving around nearby.

Doc V:

Honestly, the whole affair is a blur. There you were, inspecting extremophiles from a volcanic pseudo-planet, when the whole laboratory turned upside down. Vials fell everywhere, your meticulous collection strewn about in a completely unorganized fashion. When you get back to the ship, you must remember to reorganize the collection. After all, collections are simply piles of junk if not properly organized. In fact, where is the lab? Certainly there isn’t an atrium on the ship large enough to hold these types of rock formations and Taeniatherum caput-medusae on this scale. And why is there wind? Perhaps you should inform the maintenance staff that there is a problem with the ventilation systems within the atrium. Yes, that is what you’ll do. You’ll go talk with that man limping towards you down the ravine and tell him that it is his job to properly calibrate the ventilation systems here so no flora or fauna undergo significant trauma.


Wow. That was a bumpy ride. Good thing you didn’t rip your outfit, the thing cost a fortune to find and tailor. Shaking loose the cobwebs, you sit up and see yourself on top of a small plateau, large rocks jutting up from the ravine to your left and green grass gently swaying in the wind. It’s almost peaceful, if the ship hadn’t just been violently attacked and forced to ditch over an alien planet loaded with hostile enemy ground forces. Looking more closely, you see two figures moving towards each other in the ravine, one limping from the high ground, the other striding purposefully towards the first. At least there are other survivors, otherwise this whole marooned on a distant planet gig could get really old, really fast.


You wake up to a searing pain in your shoulder. Trying to sit up only warrants you a push to the chest, forcing you to stay on the ground. This pisses you off even more than the pain did, so you grab the hand that pushed you with your good arm and try to wrench it off. Unfortunately, you’ve lost a good amount of blood, so your angry attack turns into more of a polite caress. As you waver on the edge of consciousness, you hear a voice from above you say, “Look who decided to finally wake up”. Glancing around, you see another man kneeling beside you, bandaging your shoulder and talking into a radio. Maybe your fellow Marines found you laying on the bulkhead after they pushed the enemy away, but why does it feel like a breeze is hitting your cheek? If Simmons is messing with you again, you’ll tear his ears off.


Your large Marine friend attempts to sit up after waking up violently from the morphine coma you accidentally put him in. You casually push him down, warranting a thank you pat from the Marine and some incoherent mumbling on his part. You stop talking on your radio long enough to quip, “Look who decided to finally wake up,” and then go back to trying to make contact with any other survivors in the area. Getting no response, you re-bandage the wound your Marine friend received while saving your butt on the ship. He was heavy to drag, and you almost got killed doing it, but it was the right thing to do. As you look up from the bandage, you see several other escape pods crashing into the area, some close, some farther away. You are right on the edge of the storm now on a high plateau, and you see some other people converging in a small ravine about 300m away. They don’t look like the soldiers in the hallway that you fought, but you can never be sure…

Andrew Long:After slowly forcing my self to stay semi conscious I babble a few coherent things about my weapon and a SITREP while still trying to look around, but my eyes can't seem to focus. After a few half hearted Your Mother" insults I Finally lay back and lose consciousness again.

Mark Holmes: First thing, I'm going to set up a system, if possible, on a secure zintonean encypted channel, that asks about survuvers every half hour. Then, I'm grabbing Alvgirs shotgun. Check it, make sure it all works, and going to slowly approach th...e people at the ridge. If I recognize them as crew, I will report about my injured friend. If not, I will try to get the jump on them, using the shotgun as incentive for interrogation. If second option, and I see weapons on them, I'm going to either get them to disarm themselves, or incapacitate them, but no fatal shots


You come up sputtering. Ditching the burning hulk of the Grasshopper was better than dying, but you didn’t think that you’d end up in a swamp. As you gasp for air, you look around and see a land mass close by. You swim towards it, climbing up the bank and puking up a little water in the process. Luckily, your tools are still attached at your hip, like they always are. You knew the more expensive carrier was worth it, not matter how much shit you got from the other guys calling it a “man satchel”. But the thought of the other guys quickly turns from triumph to sadness. You saw at least two of the guys get gunned down before they got to the hanger, and the others were aboard the same Grasshopper you were in. Looking around, you see mist and fog mixed with flickering of floating oil on fire. You can’t see much at all, really. But listening closely, after knocking the water from your ears, you hear voices to your left about 100m away, on the same landmass.

Jack (Jon):

You climb from the wreckage of the Grasshopper, bag in tow. The bag just seemed like the right thing to grab in the chaos of the evacuation. When the Grasshopper got hit, you just balled up and hoped that you’d make it out ok. Turns out hoping works pretty well. As you get to the top of the crater created in the soft mud of the swamp, you see a man sitting on a stump, smoking a cigarette. Since he didn’t have any face paint or a mask like the other men who shot at you during the evacuation, you decide to walk up to him. He looks up and sees you. He calls out, “What’s your name, fella?” Jack, you reply. “Well,” he says, “I’ll be damned.”

Jack (Buddy):

You kinda figured the dropship would crash, so when it got hit, you already had a pretty good idea of what you were going to do. Drop the hatch, look for water, and bail out lickitty-split. You’d had harder landings in boot. But the water was cold, and you were a little higher up than you thought, and you were going a little faster than you thought. You lost all of your equipment except for your pistol and the ammo in a small pouch attached to your thigh. You also broke your left wrist, but that’s not so bad. At least you shoot with your right. After finding drier land, you made your way to the crash site and looked around for survivors. At first, you didn’t find any, so before looking for salvageable supplies, you lit a cigarette to dull the throbbing in your wrist. As you puffed away and mused at the whole situation, a man crawled out of the crater and looked right at you. He had a dull gaze, as if he wasn’t all there, but that might just be shell-shock from the impact. You yelled out, “What’s your name, fella?”, and he replied, “Jack”. “Well, I’ll be damned,” you muse out loud, laughing internally at the universe’s little coincidences. The man came over to you, sat down in the mud and set a large duffel bag next to him. Now there were two, the fires of the crash lighting up the mists around you and casting shadows in the murky waters like large animals gliding beneath the water. Maybe you’re luckier than you thought.

Dr. Rockzo:

Your escape pod impacted with a dull thud, then fell over on top of the entrance panel. Since you have no way out of the pod, you brainstorm options as to your next move. Through a small side window, you see fires floating on water and pieces of debris embedded into the ground near your pod. As you look harder, you see a man emerge from the water, sputtering and coughing as he climbs onto land.


Your escape pod was the last to deploy in your section, so even as the ship turned towards the center of the storm, you were securing your corridor. At the last possible moment, you jumped into your pod and ejected into space, almost instantly hitting atmosphere. After the initial burn-through, you look out the side windows and see a vast plain of grassy areas next to a large swamp. The storm is lingering at the edge of the plain and obscuring any recon of the area underneath it. Your pod’s trajectory puts you smack in the middle of the swamp, but you can see other pods already impacting everywhere in the area. Some Grasshopper dropships are also coming in hot around a large stone outcropping on the horizon. Soon, though, your view is obscured by the storm’s clouds and the mists of the swamp, with your acute angle landing you directly…into the middle of a lagoon. Right after impact, you deploy the door and floatation device. Climbing aboard swiftly as your pod sinks beneath the water, you again scan your surroundings. You notice a downed dropship some several hundred meters off, but only because the fires around it light up the silhouette. You also see large shapes in the water but are unable to make out what they are.

Steve Brand: Roger eases VERY carefully towards the voices, being careful not to make a sound. especially splashing. None of that.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee "I don't s'pose you have a wrist-splint and some wraps in that big bag of yours?" If Jack says no I cut some clothing into strips and find some sticks to use to splint my wrist... Its not a big deal but it should be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. Once my wrist is taken care of I take Jack and we begin a careful look around to see if there are any other survivors who might have abandoned the drop ship or any escape pods that made the landing.

GM:Jack doesn't have splints in his bag, but when you fan out around the crash site, you find some decent sticks that you can use to brace it. Apart from the sticks and some mangled wreckage, however, you don't see anything.

GM: Ganon- (roll 12) You sneak closer, but you're not a master of stealth. Some sticks break, and you slip in the mid, letting out a loud, wet slap.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Rip off part of a sleeve cut it into strips and use it as a wrap. (Was Ganon close enough for me to hear him fall?) If yes investigate with pistol out. If no begin to investigate the area in concentric circles around the Grasshopper (for ri...ght now the crash site is a "safe zone" want to keep track of it in case we need shelter or a place to hide). Avoid the water if possible (dont know whats in it or if its safe to enter unnecessarily.) There are bound to be more survivors and we are gonna want as many of them as possible.

GM: Buddy- (roll 3) You investigate the noise you heard, pistol drawn, but even when you advance out 50m, you don't see or hear anything. You even see a spot where it looks like a body hit the ground, but no actual body.

GM: Ganon- (roll 4) You quickly jump into a tiny, sparse bush just to the right of where you fell. A man walks up within feet of your position, but for some strange reason he can't see you. What's your next move?

Steve Brand: If I can see buddy, I call out to him and walk over.

GM: Contact made. Act it out, guys.

Steve Brand: Roger walks over to the Jack and Jack show. "so..... how's it going guys? pretty uh..... interesting day so far."

Aleksander Ristic: Moralis checks his weapons and gear and makes sure they are not damaged. Then, he carefully approaches the shadowy figures with his gun drawn. He sneaks up on the figures and tells them to turn around slowly. I still can't make them out and so I tell them to reveal themselves.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee Looks at Roger for a moment before deciding that he must be one of us. Lowers pistol and asks "... Who are you? Wheres your landing pod?"

Steve Brand: ?"I was stuck in one of the landing craft.... pilot blacked out..... thought I'd try my luck doing a jump. turned out pretty good, I think. I don't know how everyone else is doing, but I think we're a quarter of a klick from the wreck.. uh.. that a way" *points at the direction he thinks the grasshopper hit*

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Ok... What supplies do you have with you? Did you see any other landing pods? there might be more survivors"

Steve Brand: ?"I couldn't tell ya in the marsh fog. but I got my mag kit for all the delicate work... you know, broken firearms, hand scanners. the works"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Good. Lets go back to the Grasshopper and see if there is anything worth fixing. Right now all I have is my pistol"

Steve Brand: ?"sounds good to me. I also know a little bit of anatomy and first aid... they had me posted in the medlab for prosthetics and automail."

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"I dont reckon we need any first aid right now but with a landing like that theres bound to be someone who could use it"

Steve Brand: ?"yeah. so you just a grunt, or you got any other specialties?"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Just a grunt my man. With any luck we'll find some rank wandering out here and theyll have some idea of what we're up to"

Steve Brand: ?"fair enough"

GM: (Roll 8) Rodger, Jack and Jack near the downed grasshopper. There is nothing but burnt bodies and debris scattered through the swamp

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Nothing in the grasshopper that we can use? No ammo chest? These things come with assault vehicles dont they? did that get trashed in the landing?

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Im gonna assume it did.

GM: "There is nothing but burnt bodies and debris scattered through the swamp"

Steve Brand: what kind of debris?

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Fair enough. Theres nothing useful to me..."Lets start looking around the swamp. We'll stick together and search in circles around this crash zone. With any luck we'll find some more survivors"

GM: RP closed for the night gents :) Sorry to cut you guys off from playing. Well done tho! Keep it active. This will be a great group.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: haha its all good dude. Im excited for tomorrow now. :)


You and a group of other scared, tired people are inside a Grasshopper’s cargo container, attached beneath the belly of the dropship. You look around and see another woman who looks like a scientist, white lab coat and all. She is nursing an injured leg, being tended to by a medical assistant. A Marine sits near the ramp, but all of his gear is missing save a knife that he continuously flips between his fingers. All these other people around, and you haven’t said a word to any of them. You are much more at home when tinkering with a circuit board or troubleshooting a problem radio. Especially with this chaotic retreat from the Astrolabe, you feel more alone and reserved than ever. You wonder if your only friend, a friendly engineer from the weapons locker, made it out as well. He went onto the other Grasshopper, but since the container doesn’t have windows, you couldn’t see what happened to it. You sit in your chair, waiting patiently for the flight to be over.


Yeah, the pain is extraordinary, and you don’t know how you’re going to move once you get out of this gods-forsaken metal box, but this guy has the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen. Even as he re-bandages your badly bleeding leg, you wonder how you might keep him working gently on you. Wait, what are you thinking? Snap out of it! As soon as your reverie stops and reality sets in, so does the pain. You whimper as the med tech ties the knot on your bandage tighter, and you start to think of what you will do once you land. What will you do without your equipment? What use will you be if this turns into a survival scenario? What do you think his name is? What? Stop that!


You smile knowingly when the cute little scientist keeps pretending to not stare at you. This happens all the time, but you wonder how long it’s been since she’s been out of the library if she’s giving eyes after being shot in the leg. Speaking of which, how could someone blatantly disregard their own life for bags full of books and notes? She even went back for the data pad, which she was still clutching to her chest like a lifeline. You don’t understand, but then again, you don’t really care either. All you care about is getting off the planet and back to home station, where you can spend all this deployment money and the inevitable hazardous duty bonus. The drudge of being a lab assistant on a science vessel begins to get old about thirty minutes after you leave port, and you’ve been on the ship for 7 months.


You think of nothing besides the knife twirling in your hands. Meditation can calm even the wildest storms in your mind, and after the events of the past few hours, you needed some calming. Go-time will commence once your feet hit dirt.


Your piloting skills narrowly avoided the fate of the other Grasshopper when the enemy cruiser sent down a fighter to destroy you all. In fact, using the pathetic weaponry this hunk had, you managed to drop the fighter after it took out the first dropship. Seeing it crash made you giddy, but a knick in the fuel lines from space debris was causing some massive leakage, and you needed to put down fast. You see an outcropping of rocks that would form a good defense from other air attacks, and a decent ground defense too. Yup, that’s the spot. You take the Grasshopper down hot, swing it around quick enough that you’re sure the people in the back aren’t happy, and detach the Assault vehicle before you drop the pod and land your limping bird in an open spot in the rocks. “Now what?” you think.

Carey G DuVal: Ts'ui picks himself up off the floor and dusts off. Obviously that landing was a little rough for everyone. He sheaths the knife and addresses the rest of the occupants. "I think we ought to grab that assault vehicle, get away from this LZ a...s quickly as we can and regroup. We're not very defensible without some firepower. Hey pilot! Nice shooting up there, now is there a weapon locker on this thing?" (Knife flipping. You know me too well.)

GM: (Roll 6) You search for a weapons locker and find one at the back of the dropship. Its been cleared out and the lock is missing. Searching under the pilots seat you find a pistol mag. 6 rounds. "Great. Bullets and no gun."

GM: You also take a look at the assault vehicle. Everything looks like it's accounted for...but the rear axle has snapped clean in half. There are also holes in a few of the electronic mainboards in the cab, sparking occasionally. It's fixable, but not by you.

Carey G DuVal "Hey, you with the repair kit? Think you can get in there and get our electronics working? Hey Pilot, what's your name? Can you raise anybody on the horn that might be able to fix a vehicle? I know we have other survivors and I'll bet one of the other techs landed safe." I start twirling my knife between my fingers again, as I always do when thinking. "I wonder what else is in the Assault Vehicle..." *Starts rummaging*.

Carey G DuVal: ?(Sorry about that. Technical Difficulties.)

Tristan D'Orsaneo: My name is Petey. Search the vehicle and bird for any supplies and wespons we can carry. See if our TECHy can get some communications on the bird back on. But hurry, We don't want to get hit by gunfire when all we have is a knife and a broken vehicle. See if we can't get some hardware from the bird off and onto the vehicle. make some enhancements.

Galo Semblantes: Finish checking the bandages and helping the scientist get out to safer ground. Looking for some medical supplies and food. And a nearby place that can work as a shelter or place to hide.

GM: RP done for the evening. Wait for tomorrow's chapter 6


You and Doc V interact, somewhat violently once you realize that Doc V is bonkers.


You watch, amused, as the tech and the doctor argue about whose job it is to control the wind.


You awaken to find yourself alone, lying on your back, arm feeling slightly better, and shotgun gone. You also see a dropship that is definitely not Zintoniean heading directly towards you. A group of people is grouped up in the ravine below you, oblivious to the coming threat. You see a Helmacute, and two others you can’t tell the race of. Another man is walking towards them, holding your shotgun.


You walk confidently forward towards the group of bickering people, shotgun on your shoulder. You try to get their attention to tell them about the wounded Marine, but they can’t hear you in the increasing wind.

Note: The lack of advancement in this note means that actual roleplaying will be necessary between players. Also, stay alert throughout the day (hint hint).

Mark Holmes: I'm going to iniitiate contact with the people at the ravine, since I didn't fire at them, I assume I recognize them as friendly's, and inform them about my injured friend, and ask for assistance.

Ryan Wakeman: I chuckle to myself and begin to wonder why I don't have a shotgun... l make my ay over to the Marine. Time to look after the soldier and find medical help. I'll make ANY loud noises to get attention in this wind. I'll need to spread my wings to let EVERYONE know I'm here.

Andrew Long: i watch as a firefight DOESN'T break out and starts hobbling over to figure out whats been going on, trying to take in as much as I can.

GM: The three of you are now together, stranded in the wilderness.

Ryan Wakeman: How far away is civilization? Do we have any transportation?

GM: You see a woodline, but it looks swampy and creepy. There are no visable structures or people. You do, however, see a dropship coming in on your location, fast. It isn't one of yours.

Ryan Wakeman: I take cover and hide the marine under my wing, grabbing leaves and grass and whatever else to hide my self and the soldier.

GM: ?Andrew Long, you have just been tackled to the ground and covered by a very large Helmacute dressed like a 1940's sailor. Ryan Wakeman, you have just jumped on a very large Marine and attempted to cover him. Neither of you know each other.

Andrew Long: Quickly recovers and grabs a rock as a weapon and starts swinging.

GM: Doc V - You are still arguing with the technician about the ventilation systems when three rounds catch you in the chest. As you fall over, quite perplexed and in a lot of pain, you see a dropship that you don't recognize hovering over you, disgorging a bunch of soldiers that are armed to the teeth and aiming directly at you. Your last sight is the heel of one of the soldiers as they hit the ground.

GM: ?Seth Lawrey, you have just witnessed the good doctor catching three rounds in the chest, and are about 10 seconds away from being surrounded by 15 heavily armed enemy soldiers.

Ryan Wakeman: As I'm being swung at, I tell him I'm just trying to help a Marine.

Mark Holmes: I raise the shotgun and begin firing. "Move you two, We need to get the fuck out of here now. Grab the injured man, I'll try my best to cover you!" Yelling as I do my best not to get shot. And retreat after them, if they listen to me.

Andrew Long: Looks up after the fist shotgun blast and drops the rock after hearing something about helping a marine. "TOSS THE WEAPON TO ME!" I yell as I hit the deck.

GM: You begin to take fire from the platoon that just hit dirt. Seth Lawrey is taken prisoner. Mark Holmes is closest to the enemy, but rolls 19 to evade. You three are now together and running away from the enemy platoon. Where to?

Andrew Long: Run into the trees, regroup and get in touch with the other frendlies.


Roll 18 A man comes out of the Swamp. A Gunnery Sergeant, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. As soon as he nears he lowers his weapon, recognizing you as a friendly. He holds up a hand and keeps you quiet. The mist of the foggy swamp kisses your skin. You feel a trickle of rain against your face. The air is still. Suddenly a creature bursts from the water. Its massive, dark gray, with claws. Your adrenaline starts pumping. “Run!” you scream. You hear the blast of machine gun fire behind you as you tear off into the swamp. Your boots crash through the soggy ground. You keep running and running, never looking behind you. After what seems like ages you pile through a thicket of branches. There in front of you, shrouded in the fog, is an enormous structure. Stone, falling apart, and larger than anything you’ve ever seen…

Jack (Buddy):

Roll 5 A Gunnery Sergeant comes out of the mist as you search the burning wreckage of the dropship. He lowers his weapon and waits in silence. After a moment a massive creature slings its body out of the water. It’s giant, grey, spines on its back and claws as long as knives. Before you can even turn it grabs your injured wrist. You feel your bones snap as it pulls you into the water. Holding your breath you are sucked into the swamp, struggling against the overpowering creature.

Jack (PG):

Roll 7 How did everyone get here? Who are these people? Nothing about this entire situation makes any sense so you sit down, bag close by. You watch as a Marine comes out of the mist. Good, marine, good guy, yes, on your team. And you watch as they stand quietly, listening for something. Ok. Yes. Quiet. You can do this. Then! Out of nowhere a creature comes out of the water! Now you aren’t sure what planet this is or what that creature wants, but its not happy looking. That much is for certain. Reacting on instinct your hand plunges into your bag and you grab a part. You don’t know what it is, looks like something that goes onto a ship maybe, but its heavy and that’s good enough for you. With Retard strength you heave the big heavy object at the swamp monster. Just as the lump of metal hits the creature in the head, the Marine starts to open fire. “What?!” you scream an insult “Come at me bro!” Instead the creature ducks back beneath the water. “That’s what I thought!”


Roll 13 You approach the shadowy figure quietly, your boots barely making a ripple as they skip through the swamp water. Your rifle is at the ready. The misty air fills your lungs with every cautious breath. As you near you recognize the uniforms. “Good” you think to yourself. “Friendlies.” They see you materialize out of the fog. Fear is written on their faces. Holding up a stern hand you silence them before they can even speak. There’s danger. You don’t know where, but you know the feeling all to well. As quietly as you can, you flip your weapon from “Semi” to “Auto”. A crashing splash behind you ripples through the air. Turning around your eyes land on some kind of beast. It is big, grey, claws, spines, and pissed off. In a split second your entire world changes. You fall back on your training, ducking out of the way as a massive claws slices past you. One of the survivors takes off into the swamp. The other isn’t so lucky. He’s grabbed by the creature and pulled from the shore. You let your assault rifle sing, landing a few shots in the creature’s side and spilling its red blood into the water. As you open fire you see a small piece of metal strike the creature in the head. A man yells something but it is drown out by your weapon. Before you kill the creature it disappears back underwater along with your teammate…


You stand in the swamp. Quiet. Calm. Observing. There’s been one hell of a battle up above and the survivors are right in front of you. Luckily enough they haven’t noticed you. And luckily for you, they’re Zintonieans. Chances are they don’t even know what, let along who, you are. But that also means they don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. You watch with hawk eyes as they meet up with one another…but one of them is spooked. You keep watching. Observing, careful not to give away your position. Then you feel it. The rumbling under your bare feet. Movement. Something big. Your eyes catch the subtle ripples in the water. “Prophets be damned. What hell is this!?” the thought runs in your head. A creature bursts from the water. One of the survivors runs, another opens fire, another is pulled into the water, and the last starts screaming something random. It all happens in a heartbeat, and your reaction is even faster…

Steve Brand: ?"hey! Over here!" roger yells over the conflict. "There's a huge stone building or something!" roger opens his pack and scans over the tools of his craft. Precision screwdrivers, precision pliars and wrenches, a soldering iron and solder, a multimeter, and a flashlight. he pulls the flashlight out and starts looking at the builidng and back towards the group. He would go back, however he's very very aware that somewhere in the mess of the crash he dropped his PDW pistol. The one he repaired for years, and even after a couple of trades got marine ammunition, or the official term of "self oxidizing rounds". Roger sighs. and looks for something to defend himself with.

GM: Roll 14. You find a sword standing up against the ruins. Its acient, not perfect, but in ok condition.

Steve Brand: ?"close enough" roger mutters under his breath. he undoes one of the epilets on his uniform, wraps the flashlight in it, and rebuttons it. he gives the sword a couple of practice swings, I mean it's been years since he took fencing, and that... was just as an easy elective. After having a sense of the ancient blade's heft, he heads back towards the group.

"hey! there's a huge stone... temple or something over this way! it should be a little easier to defend in there don't you..." he trails off when he realizes that jack has been VERY silent through this. He doubles his pace.

Steve Brand: ?(OCC: why the school doesn't have firefox is beyond me. or at least something that SPELL CHECKS.)

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I aim my pistol at the monsters face (should be easy to find. Same general direction as my hand) and unload a magazine as quickly as possible hoping it'll at least make this damn thing let me go

GM: Roll 14-Buddy: The monster lets go of your wrist, which is now mangled and torn almost beyond recognition. As the monster reals back, you realize that you are under water, and you need air in addition to medical treatment.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Swim quickly to the surface and get to land. I can bandage my hand well enough to keep it together til I get back to Rodger (he said he worked in medical) but first I need to get away from this thing and I need some air in my lungs.

GM: Roll 10- Buddy: You reach the surface and the Gunnery Sergeant pulls you from the water. The pain is almost unbearable and your nerves are firing uncontrollably. As your muscles twitch furiously you realize that right now you can't walk. Good thing your medical kit is within arms reach.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Put some disinfectant on the wounds to clean it up the bandage the whole thing and stop the bleeding as much as possible. Ill have to have Rodger take a look at it later but for now we should get a little further from this water. I slowly try to stand.

Aleksander Ristic: I run over to where the creature descended in the water. I take a few futile shots into the water knowing full well that my teammate was lost. I look up to see where my other teammate went. I see that a patch of greenery has recently been disturbed and head in that direction. With my rifle still drawn and ready I slowly walk into the path he most likely ran through. In a moment of stupidity I call out to him "Soldier!". I immediately realize my stupidity and shut my mouth. Just before I was able to blend in I hear some rustling coming from my left, then my right, then I realize that whatever is around me is surrounding me. Rifle at the ready, still on "auto" I begin for a firefight.

GM: Roll 7, Buddy: You try to stand. You are very wobbly on your feet. The Gunny dissapears into the swamp.

GM: Roll 12, Aleksander Ristic: You see someone in the mist. He's not a member of your team, and he has pale blue skin unlike anything you've ever seen.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I stumble over to the dropship for some cover. I sit down and reload my pistol. Since I'm still not too good on my feet I wait here with Jack til the gunny returns.

GM: ?Austin Craft, you have been spotted. Steve Brand you arrive and find Buddy trying to stand. Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee You are with Steven and Jon. Jon Gardner you are still watching.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I ask Rodger (steven) to take a look at my wrist and see if he can patch it up any better than I did.

GM: Roll 5, Jack Owen: The creature vanishes under the water. He's nowhere to be seen. But you do see your teammates gathering near the wreckage.

Steve Brand: ?"heh. I leave for a second and looks at the mess you get into" roger says cheerfully at jack. "there's a huge structure over that way (points in the direction of the structure) we should probably hole up in there. Can't drown in a stone hallway..... I'll take a good hard look at your wrist there. K?"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"sounds good to me... I might need some help getting there tho." I stand up again and try taking a few steps in the direction Rodger indicated.

Steve Brand: ?"here, I gotcha.... uh..... (realizing that he's holding a sword) "trade for a bit? can't exactly swing this thing AND carry you."

GM: No perception check is necessary, even for your character. You can simply follow them.

Austin Craft: hows about a lore check to see about identifying the creature. maybe something of legend, spieces, weak points in case of another encounter...?

Austin Craft: then knowing i have been spotted, id like to vanish into the darkness while all the chaos ensues and trail the group for the time being to see why they are here and what they are looking for. i dont feel they need to beconcerned with who i am just yet. (Sorry guys lol keep wondering)

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: How are we going to find anything out? Were on a planet we know nothing about and all we really know is were on a swamp near where this huge storm was? All we know is how to hurt that big ass thing.

Austin Craft: well you connected with whatever that thing was doesnt mean it got hurt, plus you guys have weapons and out number me. i think its smart to lay low for a bit

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: It bled so we had to have hurt it SOME it might not be serious but it was hurt.

Austin Craft: point taken. i stand corrected lol

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: lol Its all good.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I wish we could have killed it... Less to worry about... One less thing to possibly attack us and we dont have to worry about the provisions we dont have... That thing would have fed the group awhile lol

GM: The Moderators would like to point out that the monster that had Character Jack was shot ten times in the face with hollow pointed rounds, and all it did was let go momentarily.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Yeah I know. Like I said... we hurt it... I wish we could have KILLED it but for now Ill settle for still being alive after it tried to drown me.

GM: Roll 13 Austin Craft: You hide in the mist of the swamp. They cannot see you. You easily follow as they make their way through the swamp.

GM: ?Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee, Jack Owen, Steve Brand. You are at the base of the stone structure. Aleksander Ristic, you are 100 meter behind in the swamp.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Just out of curiosity why cant we see Aleksanders posts?

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"What the hell is this thing? Rodger you found this right? Have you had a chance to look around?"

GM: Please post "O.O.C" when you ask questions. Easier on us. And Aleksander Ristic has only posted once today. He is still in the swamp.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?(OOC) Yeah but his post is gone. Thats what I mean... I looked because I thought I remembered him posting something and either it was deleted or facebook is being dumb... it just aint there

GM: (Previous post by Aleksander Ristic):I run over to where the creature descended in the water. I take a few futile shots into the water knowing full well that my teammate was lost. I look up to see where my other teammate went. I see that a... patch of greenery has recently been d...isturbed and head in that direction. With my rifle still drawn and ready I slowly walk into the path he most likely ran through. In a moment of stupidity I call out to him "Soldier!". I immediately realize my stupidity and shut my mouth. Just before I was able to blend in I hear some rustling coming from my left, then my right, then I realize that whatever is around me is surrounding me. Rifle at the ready, still on "auto" I begin for a firefight.

GM: (Don't know why you can't see it. Maybe facebook)

Steve Brand: "well, I found this... but was more worried about the sounds of death and destruction behind me than being 'Iowa John', thank you." Roger walks inside while supporting Jack's shoulder. You know, human crutch. "this looks kinda like an entr...y foyer of some sort. Hopefully for dignitaries more than sacrifices. *chuckles* well this seems like good a place as any. at least it's out of the rain. Let me give your limbs a good once over." he examines jack's wrist and legs. "one thing's for certain though, you lost a pretty decent amount of blood. you know your type?"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Im A pos... Ill be fine. I just need to rest a bit before I get in any more fights with giant swamp gators." looks around room "I think we should explore this place... Its hard to say what might be in here"

Steve Brand: "yeah, well you're going to need splints first. At least. judging from the wrist, I think it's a radial distal, ulna fracture (OOC: real thing. I know because that's the technical name for what I did to MY wrist.) what kind of things we go...t to work with?" roger opens the bag and grabs 3 chemical splints and a mountain of gauze. "perfect! now this is going to get hot, and hard. . . . . . . so hold as still as you can while it sets" roger bends one of the splint bags, shakes it, and puts the middle of the splint near jack's elbow. with the two ends by the hand. he then wraps it rigorously in gauze. "Now, I'm not entirely sure what the problem is with your legs. I mean, I don't see anything..... broken or fractured off first glance, but hey I'm not a medical technician.... just a mechanical one who just happens to work in medical."

GM: Moderators note: Ganon, you don't work in medical. But good job with the splint.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Thanks for the splint. I think the problem with my legs was just shock or lack of oxygen. I think I can walk now"

Steve Brand: OOC: then why didn't you mention anything about the prosthetics? last time I checked that was med.

Steve Brand: ?"fair enough. shall we take a gander around?"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Yeah, I wanna see whats in here."

Austin Craft: trailing the party and viewing their movements from the swamp trees, i decide "Now is a good time..." leap from the tree and land behind Moralis putting him in a head lock and taking control of his rife, and pointing it at the others in the party.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?(OOC: @ Craft I think Moralis is still behind us by 100 meters... Thats most likely out of sight in a swamp... IDK... Guess its up to Rudi or Fish to decide that)

Steve Brand: ?(OOC: probably. I'll toast my comment in the mean time.)

Austin Craft: OOC: oh damn.... oh well we'll roll with it. he's alone easy pickins XD

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?(OOC: lol Yeah I reckon you could attack him no problem... Im just saying seeing us to be able to shoot at us is not too likely... and at 100 meters unless he yells out we probably wouldnt hear him so hes definitely easy pickins)

Austin Craft: OOC: well it is possible cuz even the m16A2-4 can pick off targets at 100m NP. but if its foggy i see your point

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: yeah theyve made a point of telling us we couldnt see anything earlier so Im assuming its still foggy

Austin Craft: OOC: well one is better than none haha

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: Poor Gunny... Hell be missed... Mainly cuz theres only 2 other people TO miss right now lol

Austin Craft: OOC: then if i can, retcon that last bit about aiming at the others and instead disarm and keep gunny quiet for a few more seconds.

GM: ?Austin Craft - Roll 14 Moralis - Roll 15. Ullr jumps on Moralis' back, attempting to put him in a headlock, but years of training and instinct kick in for the seasoned Gunnery Sergeant. Moralis flips Ullr over his back into an arm bar on the ground, and the two grapple for control in the mud. Moralis shouts and the rest of the group hears him yell.

GM: ?30 min left in play time for today, so if you want to attempt to make any last minute actions, please do so before 9pm MST.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Turn around and run to Moralis' aid pistol drawn and expecting that big damn gator thing again

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: When I reach the scene I shoot at the thing Moralis is wrestling with (pistol expert means good accuracy yes?)

GM: Buddy, your injuries just required you to be helped to walk 150m. You aren't able to run to anyone's aid, and you're still losing blood.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: Im not entirely sure why I am having trouble walking to begin with... If it was lack of oxygen it would have worn off by now... If it were shock I would probably be doing better... If it were blood loss then I would probably have been to walk at first then become less steady as time passed. As for blood loss short of a tourniquet theres not much more I can do about that... I wrapped the wrist shortly after getting out of the water (I believe I used my sleeve) and it has been splinted and theoretically better taken care of by Ganon who pulled medical supplies out of hammerspace or something

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: But in that case I guess I change my response to hobble or stumble my way over to Moralis to try and help.

GM: Moderator's Note: The logic behind your disablement is that you were drug underwater rapidly by a large beast, causing you to swallow water, panic, and otherwise make yourself almost drown. You rolled well to attack the animal, allowing y...ou to swim to the surface, but your wrist was practically shattered and your entire arm was ripped up. So, in medical order, you almost drowned, lost a lot of blood through your arm, and were in shock. That's our reasoning.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: ok well I still dont agree with it completely but who am I to argue... At least I understand why I am incapable of running to his aid. Can I at least hobble?

Austin Craft: OOC: sure you can be a 3 1/2 foot tall creature with hairy feet. Oh wait... NVM

Halie (-100)

Your head spontaneously explodes. Blood showers everywhere inside the container of the dropship, but none of your compatriots notice because you never spoke to them throughout the flight.

Eduardo (13)

The bandages seem set, and with your patient stable, you begin to wander around the landing zone, scoping out the terrain. You see the storm to your front, down the valley a ways and into a wooded area. You are on the outcropping, and as you turn around, you notice a large plume of dust building behind your position out on the open plains. With the others scrounging for supplies and trying to get the assault vehicle working, you think that somebody should know about the growing dust cloud. You also can’t build any shelter nearby due to the terrain, but the woods seem like they might be secure enough to bed down in. The sun is setting on the horizon behind the dust cloud.


You sit down, dejected that Eduardo hasn’t seemed to notice you besides the whole bandaging thing. Maybe you should say something to him.

Ts’ui (7)

Your search brings up a lot of spare Grasshopper parts, along with some wires and a conveniently located electronic repair kit that only has a little blood on it. You also notice a body with no head inside the container, but pay it no mind because it seems like a bland, uninteresting sort of body anyway. After collecting the spare parts, and wondering why a combat dropship doesn’t have any weapons aboard it, you return to Petey and start discussing a game plan.

Petey (14)

Your search is a little more fruitful, finding a two-way radio that still functions. It’s a short-wave, though, so you’re not picking up any transmissions from the rescue fleet. You also find medical supplies inside the ship next to a headless body. You grimace slightly because there is blood on the med pack, but you quickly get over it and move out into the rocks where the lab assistant is escorting the scientist. The Marine with the knife motions you over.

*As a caveat, it helps to interact with your fellow RPers so you have a definitive idea of what you want to do next. Otherwise, the introduction of new conflicts could prove fatal to the group.*

Carey G DuVal: "Alright Petey, nice to meet you. I've got a plan. We need to link up with the rest of the ships right? I say we just head for the nearest dropship that we saw land, and try to raise some people on that radio of yours.

(Alright, so does contact mean personal messages or just in game?)

GM: You can interact with others in your group via the thread underneath the note. If you PM a character, the others in your group can't see your corresponence.

Carey G DuVal: I'm going to assume that I know there's a storm coming and look for any more prominent feature than the woods that we could head.

"What happened to our medic friend? Hey there, Miss Scientist, can you walk?"

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Ts'ui, sounds good see if there is anything significant in the woods, I'll come with you and lets see if we cant get our techs to get some kind of communication device with the parts, the radio in the vehicle and the radio i found."
Is there anything useful on that dead body?

GM: Dead Body- Nothing but the electronic repair kit you already picked up. Technician is the dead body, so you now have a scientist, a medical lab assistant, and yourselves. Also, you begin to hear engines. You look behind you to see a full platoon of mounted vehicles headed towards you. You don't recognize the type of vehicle, and they are heading directly towards you.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Ts'ui, those vehicles are unidentified, just like the ship that attacked us. we better haul some and get into the woods and find some shelter or a place to hide. Bring whatever we can carry, including the radio, see if we still can't pick up a signal."

Carey G DuVal: "Hell let's go Petey. ON THE HOP MEDIC!" I fireman carry Mis'uila and sprint into the woods.

"Get somewhere dense! We need an area that the vehicles can't go! Make sure we're way out of small arms distance." I start looking around for anything I can use to build booby traps, vines, deadfall, anything, while also trying to find a safe place to put Mis'uila so she's out of the way.

"We need to set up an ambush, Pete. I think if we can isolate one of the men and I can get a hold of his weapon, we've at least got come defense to get to the nearest survivors."

GM: Ts'ui - (roll 13) The woodline is about 1500m away, but it's downhill. With the scientist on your back, you make it there in about 6 minutes, but you are more than a little out of breath. Petey follows with Eduardo, lugging all the equipment they could, but you didn't get it all. The vehicles are stopped back where you started, inspecting the parked dropship and assault vehicle. One team of soldiers, all wearing masks or face pain, are moving in a tactical wedge towards your position. There are four soldiers in the wedge, with an unknown number still up by the landing zone.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Crap. masks and paint. same as on the ship.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Ts'ui, a genade could handle the job just as efficiently. 4 enemies, tightly packed together. We need to utilize your knife as best as we could. Maybe as a tool more than a weapon." I will need to do a bit more thinking for this....

Galo Semblantes: Lets get to the forest, set some old fashioned traps and try to get one of the soldiers to get their guns. Maybe the vehicles won't make it through the dense forest, in there we have a chance against the four soldiers. Hide and atack! Get the injured somewhere safe where they can hide while we do that.

GM: Roll 5: Galo Semblantes: You and your team reach the safety of the woods, but because the enemy is right behind you, there isn't enough time to look for supplies to fashion weapons. Petey and Ts'ui are exhausted. Mis’uila is drifting in and out of conscience.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Galo you are eduardo, correct?

Galo Semblantes: What do we do guys? any ideas? I say lets divide the four soldiers, set a bait for them and attack at least one of the soldier when it is by themself

GM: Galo is eduardo. Also, if you have any questions please put "O.O.C." in front of your post.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Got you.
Hmm. Yes, dividing and conquering would be our best bet. if we can divide them and somehow get one alone, maybe Ts'ui can silently take them out with his knife, then we will have a weapons and try and go from there.

Carey G DuVal:" Stop talking and keep your heads down. Eduardo you're still most mobile, give me sixty seconds to get around to the one in the back, then you pop out of over and run away from the group, distract them, but make sure you dodge behind cover so they don't get you. Sixty seconds. Got it?"

Starts moving silently around to the man at the rear of the formation, knife in teeth, waiting for Eduardo to make his move.

GM: Roll 19: You sneak around the formation. No one even so much as suspects you.

Galo Semblantes: So I run! I hide between some trees, then run from one to another, calling those masked bastards attention with obscene signals! If I'm doing this I'm doing this with style!! "You alien bastards!! Hey look at me!! I'll give you a monkey face!!"

Carey G DuVal: Excellent Eduardo, you get a new nickname after this one.

Take out the back guy when he isn't looking and get down quickly. If they're firing and they don't hear me, shoot the other three from back to front so they don't see each other getting taken down.

GM: The group of enemy soldiers opens fire on Eduardo, but the trees and his erratic movement make their fire completely ineffective. Ts'ui has snuck up on the last man in the wedge without anyone noticing. Moving in for the kill, Ts'ui lunges for the man, intent on slitting his throat before he can make a sound. The soldier looks at Ts'ui at the last second, seeing his masked face in the reflection of the knife's blade. Before he can cry out, the knife plunges into his neck, and he is sent gurgling to the ground. The other soldiers do not notice their fallen comrade in the chaos of shooting at Eduardo. Ts'ui pulls the corpse into the woodline, finding an Assault Rifle, a Pistol, full combat armor size medium, and a medical pouch. He also takes the soldier's mask, revealing a brownish-green face bleeding purple blood. You've never seen a species like this before, nor heard about any that bleeds purple except for Helmecutes. But it's too soon for curiosity. You turn towards the remaining three soldiers and...

GM: Moderator's Note: There is 20 minutes of play time left. Please do all actions that you would like to be considered for tomorrow's note before 9pm MST.

Carey G DuVal: Aww dang, got all caught up in the storytellin'. Well, see ya'll tomorrow.

Alvgeir (20)

You tear off into the trees and find a perfect firing position. The enemy doesn’t see you, even as you line them up in your sights and down two of them. Best of all your wounds suddenly no longer hurt. Its like a boost of adrenaline has healed you. “This is perfect,” you say, loading another round. “Let’s keep it up!”

Xient (8)

You trip and fall as you run, getting grass stains over your bright white suit. The enemy can see you plain as day but you keep running for the trees. Weaponless and scrambling for your life you dodge bullets whizzing all around you. Jumping behind the safety of a log you catch your breath. With a focused mind you make your next move…

Etah (2)

As you run an enemy round splits your shotgun in half, blowing it to pieces.. “Shit!” you scream as some of the tiny metal shards slice open your hands. Orange blood gushes from the wounds. You keep running but a nearby explosion rips you off the ground and hurdles you through the air.. Everything is ringing and it’s almost impossible to hear. Even gunshots sounds muffled and distant. You stand in the middle of the field, far from the protection of the tree line. But orientating yourself and focusing is really difficult. Your head swells with pain and you lose balance, falling back to your knees. You cling to the ground just to keep steady.

Andrew Long: I slowly start advancing forward in an attempt to pick up fallen weapons before heading back to my possition.

GM: Roll 18: You move through a thick field of fire. The enemy is unloading, but they just can't hit you. You near a fallen enemy soldier and grab his assult rifle. Its unlike anything you've ever seen. Pulling the trigger it discgarged a microwave pulse, burning a hole in the ground. "Sweet!" you say to yourself, dodging sevral more burts of fire.

Mark Holmes: If and when I catch my bearings, I'm going to try to retreat back to the other two, hoping for the best.

GM: Etah (roll - 10) You stand and start hobbling to the treeline. You find cover, but your body, and especially your hands, are on fire. Everything hurts.

Andrew Long: Using the trees for cover I make my way to the general direction of Mark, using the AR to provide covering fire.

GM: Alvgeir (roll-7) the enemy fire is too great to safely move. You're cut off from Etah

Andrew Long: Retreat farther into the trees, trying to find away to flank around.

GM: Gameplay is over for the evening. Tune in tomorrow morning for the next installment!

Moralis (15)

You are under attack by a humanoid roughly your same size, but he is much stronger than you. His skin is pale blue, and he isn’t wearing any shoes. His clothing is tattered and worn so badly that its original color has long since been replaced by dirt and fading. He attempts to put you in a headlock from behind, but years of training and pure combat instinct allow you to throw him off your shoulder and put him into an arm hold. However, he is equally skilled, if not more skilled, at grappling than yourself, so you end up battling for your life in the mud against this stronger, more experienced opponent. Your comrades are nowhere around, but in the chaos of the moment, you can hear them shouting and coming closer.

Roger (No roll)

You are currently inside the structure you found after running from the giant swamp animal. Jack the Marine has gone limping off into the mist after hearing Gunnery Sergeant Moralis shout incoherently. You can vaguely hear sounds of struggle coming from the crash site. Inside the structure, which stretches far out of your line of sight in both directions, you see multiple hallways that are all equally dark and foreboding. However, the rain from the storm is starting to mix with the swamp, making a small pool of freezing, fetid water rise slowly to where you are sitting. You have a few choices, and Jack the Technician with the bag full of stuff is sitting next to you, looking at the water contemplatively.

Jack the Technician (No roll)

You are sitting on the floor of a building. The floor is dry, unlike the ground outside the building. But water is building up on the floor, which will make it wet again. You don’t really like being wet. There was a pool at your house, but that is different.

Jack the Marine (7)

You lurch valiantly towards the sound of struggle, pistol in hand. The blood loss has really started to hit you, now that the adrenaline is wearing off, so you are seeing double and tripping over things that aren’t there. When you come within view of the Gunny, you see him locked in combat with a blue man, but the double-vision has you confused and a little dizzy. You see the Gunny’s assault rifle lying a few feet away from the battle going on. The monster that attacked you is nowhere in sight, but you are near a lot of water, and the beast has your taste in its mouth now.

Ullr (No roll)

Your sneak attack would have worked on anyone else, but this soldier is much better trained that the others you’ve killed. As you battle him in the cold mud, he counters your every attempt to lock and break a limb, or sink a choke. He can’t get a hold on you, either, and you can tell that you’re much stronger than him. If the battle goes on much longer, you will surely tire him out and win, but you can see one of his comrades coming up from the mist to assist him. The other soldier is weaving and lurching, though, and your excellent vision can see that he is very pale for a human. His arm is in a brace, but his other holds a pistol with surprising ease and fluidity. Even in his state, that pistol is so engrained that he may be a threat.

Steve Brand: "uh...." roger descends deeper into the structure, after all he has pretty much nothing in the way of defense.

GM: You continue into the structure. Droplets of water coat the walls like fresh paint. Small trickles of moss have made their home in the outcroppings. The air is cold, and the black void of the hallways darkens everything.

Steve Brand: Roger looks around at the details. his flashlight illuminates the walls.

GM: Roll 20: You see strange alien symbols on the walls. A complex hieroglyphic points to some sort of stone lever. You pull on the lever and hear a noise. Its no mechanical, Like a star ship powering up. Suddenly a burst of blue plasma runs through some transparent tubes lining the ceiling. In the flash of a thought the entire hall is lit up, bathed in blue light. You can see the hallway stretch far into the stone structure. Water continues filling up around your feet. Behind you Jack the Technician is still sitting, playing with his bag.

Steve Brand: "well that's.... interesting.... uh... hey uh.... I didn't catch your name... but how much do you know about uh.... starship theory?"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I lean up against a tree and hope that the double vision will go away for a couple seconds.

GM: Jack (roll-12) Your vision clears a little bit. Still fuzzy but better now that you're holding still.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I aim at the aliens side (the one away from the Gunny. Im not 100% yet so I dont want to risk seriously injuring him unnecessarily) and open fire with my pistol.

GM: Jack (roll-11) vs. Ullr (roll-16) Jack takes three shots with his pistol towards the grappling pair. Ullr sees him raise his pistol, and rolls the Gunny towards his comrade, shielding himself with the Gunny's body. Luckily, Jack's shots go wide, still having trouble focusing despite his years of training. Ullr senses that two against one is still not good odds, so he detaches from the battle with a swift knee to Gunny's chin. Now free, Ullr makes his choice to flee or attack the two men with his bare hands.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Is the gunny conscious? If he is I get his attention and toss him his rifle.

GM: he is, just in class ATM. (roll - 16) you toss him his rifle. The gunny catches it.

GM: Rodger, you and Jack the Technician move further into the structure. Right now it just seems like an ensless stone hallway. Water is no ankel deep.

GM: ?*now, ankle deep

Austin Craft: in the moment that the gunny is stunned i decide that the gunny was probably not a wise choice. he is skilled...and healthy. therefore i break combat with the gunny and move swiftly toward the injured man fireing at me, being sure to straif thereby not making me an easy target. (the man must be close because pistols are a short ranged weapon). If/when i get there i want to restarin and disarm him of his pistol and stop the other soldier from getting his rifle and take that aswell thereby giving me advantage on both men.

GM: Ullr (roll - 7) vs. Jack (roll- 19) With his weapon at the ready Jack center's his gun on Uller, locking him in his sights. "Freeze!" The gunny stands up, shouldering his rile.

Steve Brand: ?"I think we need to find something a little higher up.... if we can..." roger says as he tiptoes through the water. "must be either the first time this has done this, or something, but... there doesn't seem to be any mold growth or anything. weird"

Austin Craft: OOC: how far away from me are the two men??

GM: ?10 feet

Austin Craft: ?"I couldn't get close enough to try anything drastic..." I think to myself. "I'd better wait and see what their next move is. That one is weakend and may well be my nest shot to get one over on the other. But I can't try anything while the other is watching..." I remain in my posistion not moving a muscle analyizing my next move...

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?"Should we kill it?" I ask the gunny. "We can't just let it walk away"

GM: The sun is sinking. The cold mist freezes you to the bone. The swamp is silent.

Aleksander Ristic: I stall for time, I grab a glob of dirt to throw in the humanoid's eyes. While temporarily blinded, I put him in a rear naked choke but to no avail, he still throws me off. I shout for my comrades to hear me. This pisses off the humanoid something awful and he charges at me full force. I dodge out of the way just in time while still hollering. I find a stick at my side and when my assailant comes at me I whack him in the head knocking him down. He grabs my leg and sweeps me to the ground. He is now standing over me I see that I have landed right next to a rock in the shape of a blade, I pick it up and he knocks it out of my hand. He wants to finish me so suddenly he grabs me by the neck and lifts me up. I have only 10 seconds until I lose conciousness and my life.

GM: Gameplay is over for the evening. Tune in tomorrow morning for the next installment!

Austin Craft:^^OF DRAGON BALL Z!!!!

Ts’ui (10)

You inspect your newly acquired weaponry, and the rifle and pistol both have no clip. Instead, where the clip should be, there is something that can only be described as a battery. Unsure of what this means, you shoulder the rifle and fire at the next soldier in the line advancing towards Eduardo, who was forced to take cover behind a large rock and is pinned down. You hit the soldier, but you don’t kill him. The rifle has no recoil whatsoever, and your preparation for recoil caused the round to fly right and hit the soldier in the shoulder. He cries out in pain and anger, and the other soldiers turn on you and begin firing, moving to cover their fallen friend. You are no longer hidden, and the only cover or concealment between you and the other two soldiers are trees and small rocks. You also see one of the soldiers speaking into a headset, and you hear the roar of engines as the remainder of the vehicles, previously at the landing zone, come barreling down the hill towards your position. They will arrive at the woodline in 1 minute, and be within firing range in thirty seconds.


You narrowly avoid being shot to pieces by the strange bullets these soldiers are firing. They seem to burn holes through lighter objects as if they aren’t even there, but the rock you found is large and hard enough to deflect the ammunition. No, not deflect. It’s like the rock is absorbing the rounds, like some sort of heat ray. You’ve never heard of that kind of technology outside of lasers, and lasers have been impossible to weaponize on anything smaller than a star cruiser. Suddenly, you hear one of the soldiers cry out in pain, and the rounds stop hitting your rock. You chance a look, and see that one soldiers is lying on the ground, two are shooting at Ts’ui in the trees, and one is missing. Since you are no longer the primary threat to these masked men, you contemplate your options. The scientist you hid is fading fast, and unable to walk on her own. Ts’ui is in a heap of trouble on the other side of the woodline, and Petey is off building traps somewhere, maybe.

Petey (12)

“It’s a good thing I paid attention in SERE school, because otherwise, this building crap out of branches thing would be really difficult”, you mutter to yourself as another branch slaps you in the face instead of going where it was supposed to. The trap you are making is simple: put leaves and branches over a hole in the ground, and trick the soldiers into falling in to it. Luckily, you found a hole, but the branches aren’t really big enough to cover the whole thing. Weaving them together is almost impossible. As you run further into the woods to find bigger branches, you notice a faint silhouette of something large in the distance. You can’t make it out because of the mist preceding the rain, so you don’t pay any attention to it. Probably just big trees or more rocks. When you return with the bigger branches, you can see that the soldiers have changed direction and are firing on Ts’ui, who is firing back with a rifle. Apparently he had gotten the drop on one of the soldiers, but 2 and a half against one is still pretty bad odds. You also begin to hear the sound of engines, and realize that the party is almost over.

Mis’uila (No Roll)

You are drifting in and out of consciousness, hearing things that your mother used to say to you when you were little, and hearing gunshots and screaming. You can’t tell which is the dream and which is real. Your leg is numb, and your body is starting to stop responding to simple commands.

Carey G DuVal: "EDUARDO GET OUT OF THERE!" I keep firing long enough to get behind whatever small cover I have and begin to bound back, trying to break the lino of sight. If I can get far enough away where I can start picking them off or at least can get the dropon them again I'll be good.

GM: Ts'ui (roll 18) - You move swiftly through the trees, like you were born to be there. The two soldiers give chase, but they slowly fall behind as you hurtle through the woods. Coming into a clearing, you are suddenly standing at the foot ...

of an enormous structure. You can't see the top, or the edges on either side. You're awestruck for a moment, but the crashing of the two soldiers behind you brings you back to the moment. You have about 30 seconds before they will be able to see you again...

Galo Semblantes: I try to sneak near to the soldier that's down and smash his head with a rock. Get a gun and start attacking the other soldiers from my side where they are not expecting to be attacked.

Carey G DuVal: I sprint off to my left and get behind some concealment before they can see me. Wait until they're well into the clearing and away from cover and open fire again.

GM: Eduardo (roll 7) - You try to sneak forward but the enemy sees you again. They open fire and you take cover behind the rock.

GM: Ts'ui (roll 7) - You continue running along side the massive stone structure, but there is no cover. The enemy comes out from the trees and spots you. From behind their masks and warpaint you hear muffled commands in an alien language. They shoulder their weapons and open fire.

Galo Semblantes: While they attack Ts'ui, I run again towards the injured soldier, break his kneck, get his gun and shoot the other soldiers from the back.

GM: Eduardo (roll 16) You easily advance forward, snapping the enemy soldier's neck. He's a brownish-green color. Not a species you know or have even heard of. But the questions will come later. You add his weapon to your collection of items and fire at the other enemy soldier. They're far away and hard to hit, but a lucky shot drops one of them to the ground.

Galo Semblantes: I start running against the soldiers shooting at them while running from tree to tree. "Ts'ui!! Shoot them too!!"

Carey G DuVal: I dodge the shots they had aiming for me, thanking my luck for the one that went down and open fire on the last one.

GM: Eduardo (roll-18) Ts'ui (roll-3) Eduardo manages to send a round through a small tree and into the back of the last soldier, putting him on the ground. Ts'ui's shots go erratic due to his running through the woods, but once he sees the la...

st soldier go down, he slows to a trot and starts to converge back on the group. Petey is nowhere to be seen, and Mis'uila is now fully unconscious in her hiding spot behind a large rock. There are four bodies laying in the woods, but the assault vehicles have now reached the woodline and are scouting for your exact location.

Galo Semblantes: Lets go and get Mis'uila, maybe we should all hide behind the rock. "what do you think about that Ts'ui?"

I sprint back and grab the doctor, then try to find an edge or a door of the structure.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: ?"Ts'ui? Eduardo? Where did you guys go?!"

Realizing the noise im making i look for a hiding spot incase the enemies heard me instead of my allies. I ready my self to sprint back to my trap and lure a hostile inthey find me.

GM: Petey (roll 17) You hold fast and the enemy doesn't spot you. They continue fanning out through the forest, walking right past you. You wait till they are clear, knowing your team is somewhere...

GM: Ts'ui (roll 3) You look all over the structure but there are no obvious entrances. Its just a massive stone wall.

GM: Eduardo (roll-11) You turn back into the woods and find Mis'uila. She's so bad you can't move her without killing her

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I look on the dirt for Eduardo or Ts'ui's foot prints, they can't be wearing the same exact boots as the enemy. one i find their prints i wil try to carefully follow them to where they went, hopefuly, the won't mistake me for an enemy and shoot me.

Galo Semblantes: "Mis'uila is in bad shape, who has the medicine kit?", she will have to wait. Meanwhile grab the guns from the bodys and run towards Ts'ui

GM: Petey (roll - 10) You find a few boot prints running off in a general direction. You follow them for a bit but soon lose sight of them. Looking ahead in the forest you see some kind of weird stone building.

GM: Eduardo (roll-7) You return to the bodies and start looking them over. Just as you are about to start looting you hear an alien language behind you. Knowing its the enemy you start running back for Ts'ui. Looting the bodies is too risky with patrols nearby.

We need to regroup. Once I see Eduardo I flag him down. Some deal if we can find Petey. Once we're back together, Give Petey a weapon as well and we sprint off into the woods, keeping sight of the structure's wall and trying to find a good spot to get away, preferably an edge of the building.

GM: Ts'ui, Petey, Eduardo, you are now all together in a group. (roll -12) you run for cover in the woods, keeping the stone structure in sight. You keep running until you come to an opening in the side. Its more like a crevasse than a door.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Guys, we should try to check this crevasse out. see what we could do with it. Maybe we could wait in this structure and let the...things, pass by and go back for Mis’uila? But first, does anybody have any other suggestions?"

Out of sheer habit I do a quick weapons check and make still have my knife.

GM: Eduardo, Ts'ui, Petey all approach the enormous outcropping in the stone structure.Since no one is looking, no one notices the trap. Your boots tough down on the soft ground, unaware of the pressure gague. Suddenly the floor vanishes from under you, and all 3 drop 10 feet into a small dark room. The trap door seals above you, leaving you in the pitch black.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Does any of our equipment produce light? If not, stay together and search around for anything we can find but keep your guns sharp. Also, could I have a weapon?" *starts searching for things*

Carey G DuVal: "This is interesting. Hey, feel along the walls, looks for some way in or out, but watch out, we don't need to be falling into a spike pit. Hey Petey, *Checks pistol* Follow my voice, you can have my sidearm."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Walks towards Ts'ui's voice carefully and retreives the pistol.
"Lets look around for anything that won't kill us"

Carey G DuVal: I begin feeling along the nearest wall for at least a bearing of the dimensions of the room. "I like that plan. Eduardo here's been awful quiet after the balls he displayed earlier. You pick up any more weapons?"

GM: (Roll - 7) The three of you stumble around in the darkness. The walls are cold and damp. Your footsteps echo, indicating this is a big room. But you can find anything in the cold black.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Do we still hae that data pad? Perhaps it could generate a small amount of light. Or maybe the batteries on one of our weapons could produce a small amount of light."

GM: Gameplay is over for the evening. Tune in tomorrow morning for the next installment!

Alvgier (13)

You successfully negotiate further into the woods, the rounds now just zipping randomly through the trees instead of aimed directly at you. As you run deeper, the rounds stop entirely, signaling that the enemy can no longer see you. You stop to catch your breath. All around you are trees that are hundreds of feet tall. Leaves and branches litter the ground, and the land itself is rolling and pocketed with holes and hills. You look deeper into the woods, but your vision can’t pick out anything significant. In fact, you start to see less and less, and you realize that the sun is descending rapidly, taking the warmth and the light with it. You are dressed for a cold space ship, but with the sweat and the blood, you are rather wet. Keeping warm now becomes as much of a survival issue as evading the enemy is. You look to your left and see the Helmecute Xient panting several yards away, indicating that he too made it away from the soldiers. The question is, now that you’re relatively safe, what do you do? You can’t go back to the woodline, and half of the people you started with are dead or captured. As you look back to the woodline, you see the bridge officer trotting up, and he wasn’t followed. You’re together with the other two survivors, but you’re completely alone after that.

Xient (3)

You run away from the soldiers, but you trip and sprain your ankle in one of the many holes and dips that are in the forest. Limping away quickly, you notice that the soldiers have stopped chasing your group, and are actually retreating to the dropship that they came with. Ok, maybe not retreating, but definitely moving away from you, which is alright in your book. You hobble further into the woods, not wanting to push your luck, and you come up on the large Marine, who has also stopped running frantically. The sun is going down, but heat isn’t an issue for you because of your massive wings. As your natural night vision slowly kicks in, you peer into the woods and see the very, very faint outline of a building. It’s easily 300m away, but it’s better than being in the open.

Etah (8)

As you run frantically, filled with adrenaline, you fail to notice that the soldiers chasing you have turned around and returned to the dropship that sent them. You make it to the woodline, sprinting full speed into the trees, and you don’t stop running until you see the large Marine standing still deep inside the woods. As you regain composure, you look down at your hands, and thankfully notice that the “gushing blood” that you earlier noticed was actually only some small flesh wounds that have already clotted. Apart from the shotgun, you’re in one piece, and now you’re with your group, peering into the unknown and wondering what to do next. You still have your radio, and the data pad from the professor. It’s full of plant information, but it may prove useful to anyone who needs to know what is edible and what is poisonous on an alien planet.

All Three

The sound and smell of rain is approaching, and you all realize that the storm is heading in your direction. Underneath the trees offers some protection, but to survive the night and not freeze to death, you need to find shelter and warmth.

Ryan Wakeman: I'm heading towards the building and doing a spot check.

GM: Xient - roll 15: You walk a little closer to the building, and with your vision, you can see that it is much larger than you originally thought. In fact, you can't see the end of it, neither the top nor the two sides. It seems to stretch into the woods indefinitely. You also see a staircase built into the side, leading upwards into the misty rain now falling. The sun has set, but twilight still remains, and you all are still outside in the rain.

Ryan Wakeman: I beigin to climb up the stairs and listen closely if anyone is near or signs of civilization are present.

Mark Holmes: I'm going to follow Xient to the building, trying again to bring someone up on the radio. "Once we make sure his is a secure place, I say we'll need to find some food and fresh water."

GM: Xient/Etah (roll - 12) You climb the stairs to the top. It takes forever and by the time you reach the top you're winded....but its not actually the top. You stand on what seems like an outer wall. In front of you, at least a half a mile away, is a stone monolith. Connecting the monolith are dozens of other "smaller" structures. Smaller, because each is the size of a football stadium. Luckily for you your data pad starts chirping. Some of the plants growing from the outcroppings in the stone are edibal.

GM: Gameplay is over for the evening. Tune in tomorrow morning for the next installment!

Ullr (15)

You hold the gunny by his neck, but let go, dropping him into the mud. There is something lurking nearby. You whip your head to the side and peel away the dense fog with your keen eyesight. The creature is back. Without a thought you start running for the grey stone structure. The creature gives chase and the two soldiers follow. Running until your lungs burn you reach the structure and take shelter inside. The hallways a lit with blue light and near the very end you see a third Zintoniean soldier. “Well” you think to yourself. “Can’t go back out. Prophets be damned…”

Moralis (14)

The blue Humanoid releases you and starts running for the structure. As you drop into the mud you hear the roaring of the swamp thing. “Run!” you order Jack. The two of you take off, charging through the freezing mist. Your boots slam and sink into the mud as you press onward. In no time at all you find yourself inside the stone building. Somehow the darkness of the halls has been beaten back by a pale blue light. Further down the corridor you see Rodger. But that’s of no concern. With the monster outside and the blue humanoid only feet away you make your next move.

Jack: Roll (12)

“Run!” the Gunny screams. The pale blue alien blows past you and you look back into the swamp. The swamp creature has returned, and it looks pissed. Suddenly you find a new boost of energy. Adrenaline will do that to ya! You put your boots to the mud and book it, making record time. Now only if you had run that fast back in basic! Before you know it you’re back in the stone building, but this time there are blue lights coming from the ceiling. “What the..?” you ask aloud. Taking shelter from the rain, mist, and monsters you look around. The gunny is with you, Rodger is down the hall, and strangely enough, and beside you is the alien. He’s catching his breath… Maybe he knows something about the structure?

Rodger (19)

With the new light you take another look around. The hieroglyphs on the wall…. They’re a map! You spend a moment to decipher the message. From your location you can tell this building, these ruins, this thing whatever it is, it is MASSIVE!! Miles perhaps. There is a complex network of passages and chambers. The map reveals your location as well. You’re on the very edge of the northern face. Hearing a noise you look up into the hallway. Far near the entrance is Jack, Gunnery Sergeant Moralis, and a strange blue alien.

Steve Brand: "huh. seems that we've come to an accord of some sort.... I mean, no gunfire or stabby stabby is good, right?" Roger looks back at the map. "now that's interesting...... here (he points at it with the sword) looks like a junction..... but one of a type I've never seen, and never heard of. Hell, I suspect if any of my profs were told about it, they'd probably dismiss it outright. so let's see... (he pulls out a pen, starts looking around for paper, realizes he doesn't have any and starts marking the map on his arm. he pulls out a different color for the path to the junction) there. Well, I'm off."

Aleksander Ristic: I find new confidence in my comrades nearby. I approach the alien and knock him to the ground. I call out to Rodger " Hey! Over Here!" Recognizing that he doesn't want to take on the three of us just yet I ask the alien about the creature o...utside the temple. No response. I ask him about the temple itself. No response. I ask whether he can understand me. Again, no response. I look around trying to find my bearings but the temple is dark. I fashion a torch out of a stick I find at the entrance of the door and my ripped sleeve from the battle with the humanoid. Fire seems to terrify the blue alien. I take a minute to asses my injuries from my bout and rendezvous with the other two.

GM: Moralis - Roll 3: The stick you grab is damp with swamp water and rain. No fire.


k im done lol

Austin Craft: OOC: also i cant read Moralis' notes....

Austin Craft: knowledge check on hyroglyphs to read them and see what this place is. (obviously its a temple but who built it and what occured here) "oh I really hope i can get to the prohpets useing this temple" i think to myself.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I center my pistol on the blue alien... It doesnt seem interested in hurting us right now but after that little fight out there Im not too fond of the idea of trusting it.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: yeah Austin I cant see his posts either... Not sure why. Could his profiles privacy settings have something to do with it?

Steve Brand: OOC: I just thought that he deleted it right after rudi/fish posted and they haven't gotten back ot it.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: Nah They copied and pasted one of his posts in a previous note before when I mentioned it... They can see them... But we cant.

GM: Right. We can see his notes. It's up to him to check his privacy settings, because the issue isn't on our end.

GM: quote - Moralis:

GM: I find new confidence in my comrades nearby. I approach the alien and knock him to the ground. I call out to Rodger " Hey! Over Here!" Recognizing that he doesn't want to take on the three of us just yet I ask the alien about the creature outside the temple. No response. I ask him about the temple itself. No response. I ask whether he can understand me. Again, no response. I look around trying to find my bearings but the temple is dark. I fashion a torch out of a stick I find at the entrance of the door and my ripped sleeve from the battle with the humanoid. Fire seems to terrify the blue alien. I take a minute to asses my injuries from my bout and rendezvous with the other two.

Steve Brand: ?"guy, I'm no fighter, and whatever's in here is just as likely to kill me as what's out there. Adios!"

GM: Ullr - roll 15: You can read the markings plain as day. They are in the language of the prophets, and you've stumbled right in to the main entrance of the Library, the ancient compendium of all the universe's knowledge. You also realize that, like any library, there are curators. But these beings aren't around to help you find a book. Your senses go on high alert, and the hair on your neck stands up when you think of the stories you were told as a child.

GM: Roger - roll 2: You step off, and immediately step on to a pressurized floor tile. You hear a click, and gush of air, and suddenly a door slams behind you, isolating you from the group. "Shit", you think to yourself, now in complete blackness with no light but the flashlight.

Steve Brand: "well, so much for that. funny how something this.... 'old' (air quotes) still works. Whelp, only can move forward. gotta watch my step though..." he briefly thinks about knocking on the door and getting the guys attention, then thinks back about the 'just as likely to kill me' decides against it out of risk of attention. stealth and ingenuity is the only way he's going to get out of here alive. he cuts the flashlight and sits as quietly as possible, building his night vision.

GM: Roger - Maybe your night vision has some bugs in it, but as you sit in the complete blackness, you see two small orange lights in the distance. They are above you, and every so often, about 4 times a minute, they turn of and turn back on rapidly.

Steve Brand: Roger gets up as quietly as he can and while holding the sword with the footfall of a feather, investigates the lights.

GM: Roger - You can't seem to get any closer to the lights, no matter how far forward you move. The turn off/turn on phenomenon gets more rapid, and you see the lights move from right in front of you to a point right above your head. If the lights are on the ceiling, the ceiling is about 30 ft tall. Suddenly, an awful, sinking realization hits you. Those aren't lights. Those are something's eyes.

Steve Brand: ?". . . creepy" roger thinks to himself. the realization that they're afraid of him, almost as much as he is afraid of dying without a trace, smacks him in the face.

"I'm not going to hurt you." roger says quietly. He puts down the sword as an act of good faith. wouldn't do him much good anyway.

GM: A voice floats from the pair of eyes. "It is not we who should be concerned for our well-being. You tred on sacred ground, Nicronian. You bear no weapons but that which is ours. Why have you come to the Library? What knowledge do you seek within its walls?" You several other pairs of orange eyes light up all around you, at least five sets in total.

Steve Brand: "FUUUUUUUUUUUU" is all that roger can think about right now. A. lots of dudes. LOTS OF DUDES. B. These dudes are aliens. C. Alien dudes who speak english.... D. Educated Alien dudes. Lots of english speaking, educated alien dudes. "I am so dead" is all that roger can think of about right now.

"I mean no disrespect. We, I mean uh... myself and my colleagues... well, they're not colleagues, they're just brutes who happened to be on the ship that I was on with me, but I digress. We arrived here by accident, our ship was shot down, and nearby is where we landed. I came in to get out of the cold, and to hopefully find a way out of this system alive. I'm not a warrior, or a soldier, I just maintain their tools. If I am to die, then I would at least prefer to get some knowledge out of it that can benefit mankind for the better."

Austin Craft: ?"heh, one down" i think as i watch the door close behind roger. i then stand back up and begin walking past the others ignoring the one with the others looking for a path toward the main room. if the stories are true then there are two things that bug me. first i (cuz i dont care what happens to the others) need to get info on those who guard this place to survive, and two, we are in grave danger.

Austin Craft: OOC: mmmm cupcake

GM: Roger - The first pair of glowing orbs gets closer. You can smell a musty, almost algae like smell as it nears, similar to the small of your mother's basement as a child. You eye the sword at your feet, but instantly think better of it. The voice is now very close. "You seek knowledge, and do not make war. You repair, instead of destroy. These are tenants to which every man should adhere, and so you shall enter into our domain with our blessing. But be warned...If your intentions be false, or if your presence endangers the knowledge stored within these grounds, your very existence will be wiped from the annals of history." After the voice delivers these words, a blinding blue light illuminates the room. After your eyes adjust, you see lines of blue tint along the walls, just like before, but these are brighter and more intricate. As your marvel at the architecture, you look at the creature that spoke to you. It stands over 7 feet tall, with long limbs and dark blue skin. Its clothes are plain but well made, and it has a covering over its mouth. It has long black hair that is tied back in a braid that reaches to the back of its knees. It is also holding a staff that has a long blade on each end, with the weapon being even taller than the creature itself. You look around you, and the others are dressed similarly, some armed with the same staff, others with different bladed implements. The creature dips down to look you in the eye. "Now, what of your 'brutes' in the passageway?"

GM: Ullr - roll 3: Your attempt to move is met with a buttstroke to the jaw and the hammer going back on Jack's pistol. Until you make peace with the people you just tried to ambush, you're not going anywhere. The feeling of dread is increasing, as well.

Steve Brand: They only wish to get offworld, same as me. However, they will defend themselves to the death, and would stop at nothing for that gain. You can guess what that would mean to any documents and materials in a place like this. In a somewhat related note, there's what appears to be a native creature that's trying to eat them, and a humanoid with somewhat similar features to your own but I think he's playing nice for right now."

GM: Roger - The creature speaks to you, "They are all armed, all warriors. and not interested in the knowledge that this place contains. That makes them a liability and a threat, which we cannot stand for. The Gri'niak is a simple creature that only defends its territory when beleaguered by a foreign foe. You were wrong to anger it. And this Sarnisian...he is different from the rest of them, but no less a danger. But not to us, it would seem."

GM: Gameplay is over for the evening. Tune in tomorrow morning for the next installment!

Mis’uila (-100)

You bleed out slowly, the bandage around your leg dripping noiselessly on the forest floor. Your last few memories are ones of your dogs playing in the yard, your children laughing and chasing after them, and your husband sitting peacefully by your side on the porch. You’ve never felt a more beautiful moment.

Ts’ui (9)

You search along the walls, but your voice is echoing loudly in what appears to be a very large room. The wall you are on stretches on and on, and eventually you turn back to meet with Petey and Eduardo. Thankfully, Eduardo grabbed the data pad from Mis’uila before he ran off to join you all, but since you all are stuck in this hole, you have no idea when or how you can make it back to her. In her condition, that means the obvious, but horrible, conclusion that she is dead. After realizing that, you bow your head silently and offer a small eulogy, but your concerns are in the here and now. Meeting back with Petey and Eduardo, you see that they have already turned the data pad into a flashlight, but the light is barely bright enough to see the wall 2 feet away from it. You can see markings on the wall, but you can’t tell if they are just texture or something else. Eduardo hands you another battery from your rifle, and tosses the useless portion of the other rifle on the ground. The clattering noise echoes in the large space.

Petey (3)

The data pad can produce light, but the light is very, very faint. Only by holding the pad up to the wall can you see anything, so you can’t really use it as a torch to walk by. You’ll need to find another way to see, but unless somebody has matches and some MacGyver blood, you don’t see that happening. You now have a rifle that Eduardo picked up, as well as a pistol that both shoot those weird microwave rounds. You know they work by using heat of some sort, but that’s about the extent of your knowledge. (GM Roll 17) Suddenly, your data pad chirps, and the lighting gets a little brighter. Apart from the light, though, a program on the pad starts running, and suddenly the pad starts speaking in a language that you’ve never heard before. This isn’t completely alarming, because there are literally millions of languages spoken in the galaxy, but this one sounds more…archaic. When you take the pad away from the wall to see better, the program stops running, and the language stops. Confused, you put the pad back near the wall, and the program starts again, repeating the same phrase as before. Now what?

Eduardo (15)

You notice the pad doing weird things, but you let Petey handle it. You’re the medical guy. You heard the echo of the room like everyone else, but you also heard something they didn’t. The echo came back quicker from the center of the room than from the two sides along the walls. You’re no architect, but that means that there must be some open space along the two walls, but something that bounces sound close to the center of the room. Feeling bold, you let go of the wall and walk towards where you heard the sound come back from. As Petey’s data pad gets more faint, and Ts’ui’s footsteps get farther away, you think you might have made a little mistake. Then you slam face first into another wall. Your shout of pain reverberates through the room, indicating that yes, indeed, there was a wall where you thought it was. Yelling to your group, you wonder how to make the birdies stop chirping inside your head.

Carey G DuVal: "Eduardo? You alright? You hit a wall? Hey Petey, that woman was a linguist right? Any way we can get that pad speaking in a way we can understand it?"

Galo Semblantes: "I'm ok, come this way and try to follow this wall, to see if we find and exit"

GM: Roll - 15: The three of you somehow fumble your way into what seems like a hall. Very faintly, you can see some sort of illumination. You're not sure what it is, but it looks very far away.

Carey G DuVal: "Keep a hand on the wall, but keep your weapons ready, we don't know what could be up there." I start jogging with the others toward the light.

GM: You near the end of a passage. The light is spilling in from another room. It illuminate a turn in the hallway. You see a stone statue standing in the corner.

Carey G DuVal: I examine the room, what's lighting it, what does this statue look like, and is there anything else that doesn't belong or sticks out, a panel, switch, or anything else.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Maybe we can get the pad to pick up on these markings on he wall and translate them to a language we understand." Starts scanning where eduardo bumped his head into the wall...

GM: The light comes from further down the passage. The statue is of a man. Pointed ears and wearing armor with a sword and a book. He looks toward the light

Galo Semblantes: We should check for traps in this room, as we keep going towards the light. And check that statue, maybe it can be move for some purpose. See what the pad does when you get it closer to the statue.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Yeah. The statue, i forget the species that has pointed ears and bronze colored skin, but i know that they are a lot smarter than us.I scan the statue with data pad.

GM: Petey/ Eduardo Roll - 20: The statue is trapped. Do not touch it. But as you look around one of you stumbles on a pressure sensitive rock. The stone moves, and the halls light up with a bright blue light. Something like plasma runs through tubes near the ceiling, illuminating the halls. You can see the corridor stretch down into a massive open open chamber.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Ts'ui! Get over here and check this out, and don't touch the statue." With weapon pointed ahead, I carefully check the ground and step forward...

Carey G DuVal: "What the hell happened?" I'll step behind Petey. "I say we head for the light, keep an eye out for traps, you seem to have better luck with that than me."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Okay, Someone watch our back." i move slowly andd cautiously with rifle shouldered down the hall

GM: Petey (roll -1) You take a single step forward, forgetting about the traps. You foot presses down on a switch. A roar of rushing water echos through the chamber behind you. Hope you can swim.

GM: Ts'ui (roll - 4) You see petey trigger the trap. "Smooth" your Marine Corps sarcasm comes through. Behind you a wall of water bursts through the tunnle. "Well...this is gonna suck."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: "Oh shit! Run, keep the data pad and the weapons!" I start sprinting forward, being crafeul not to fall into a pits of spikes or something. While, running, looking for anything that could escape the water, an airshaft or something that is higher up maybe. but keep moving forward and away from the wave.

Carey G DuVal: Thank god I have gills right? "Move!" I grab Petey and Eduardo and start sprinting toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

GM: Roll - 3 (that sucks for you guys lol) The walls seal off the hallway. You're trapped with the statue.

Carey G DuVal: "Damnit! Petey! Can you use the data pad? Maybe there's something on the walls that says how to turn this off." I begin looking around, specifically at the statue, trying to see if there's a non-trapped way that the others could get up and buy themselves time.

I slosh my way over and try and turn off the switch.

GM: Ts'ui Roll - 14: You look at the statue and notice a small switch under the bass. Better hurry. The water is around your knees.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I frantically start scanning the walls, and the statue, specifically the statue's book, looking for anything that could get us a way out of this trap. However, i am careful not to set of the trap that is set by the statue.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: O.O.C. can DuVal's character actually breath undwater with his gills? or are the just air-gills?

Carey G DuVal: O.O.C. Damn good question, I am still not through the book so I wouldn't know...

GM:Petey/Ts'ui (17): You flip the switch at the bottom of the statue. The water stops but does not drain immediately. One of the walls opens but not enough to squeeze through. Petey, you start looking at the inscriptions on the stone book. They're alien. Thinking, you take a picture with the data ad and save it. Ts'ui, you stand in the water, the adrenaline receding. "I wonder if my sister made it..." you think to yourself. Eduardo hold position, silent, thinking of hot wings.

GM: (Zintonieans and Nicronieans can last about 10 minutes underwater. Their gills are not very efficient.)

Tristan D'Orsaneo: First I check to make sure the walls won't close and crush me if i go in there. "Eduardo, get you're head out of Hooters and lets go!" I grab Eduardo and start carefully and cautiously moving through the crack, scanning anything of interest quickly with the data pad.
O.O.C. i finished the book and it said nothing about gills and water. Thank you Fish and Rudi for the above information.

Carey G DuVal: I try to push the thought of my sister from my mind. She had to make it, she's strong. "Hey Petey, can you get anything from that translator?" I say as I peek out the crack in the doorway, rifle held at the ready, just in case.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I run the translator on the data pad to see what i found on the walls and the statue and the stone book....

GM: Gameplay is over for the evening. Tune in tomorrow for the next installment!

All Players

The plateau you are on gives you an excellent vantage of the entire complex. However, the rain and fog make it impossible to see how far the structure extends. From what you’ve seen already, however, it is very eerie that you haven’t seen any inhabitants. Could this be an abandoned ruin left by some long lost civilization? Were they driven out by the same soldiers that attacked your ship? Or maybe this place has some meaning beyond that of what you can see. You find an overhang that will shield you from the rain and offer a little protection to boot, and there is overgrowth and vegetation everywhere. The data pad is telling you what is edible, but only Xient is the cook. You also need a fire if you’re going to stay warm through the night. Water is plentiful, pooling in the cracks and crevasses in the structure, but you’ll still need the fire to boil it so it’s safe. Cold, tired, worn out and hungry, you plan your next move.

Mark Holmes: Well, two day's late, since i have had a busy weekend, and nothings been going on, I apoligize for lack of posting these two days.

Mark Holmes: I'm going to start cooking food, and ask people to help make the shelter. lack of help, I'm going to, after i make me food, look for fireword.

Moralis and Jack

The door sliding behind Roger is no laughing matter. Now he’s isolated, and he had the data pad that could understand the hieroglyphics, and the flashlight in case the lights went out. Now, all you have are weapons, a very dangerous blue man, and no idea what to do next.


You are now facing two people instead of three, albeit two very well armed, well trained people. Seeing as how attacking them hasn’t worked out well thusfar, as the throbbing in your jaw reminds you, maybe you should attempt diplomacy, at least until you get a good chance to slit one of their throats. You still need to find all the information on Sarnisian history and the Prophets, and you can’t let these little soldier boys get in your way of that goal.


Thankfully it was really wet outside, because if you pissed yourself, you can’t tell. The large, dark blue aliens are terrifying in an ancient and mysterious way. They speak like Greek poets, walk like Crune Monarchs, and seem to already know everything you could ask about. You also notice, on closer inspection of one of them (discretely, of course) that they are partially mechanical. Biomechanics, to be exact. So these giant, ancient, terrifying “Guardians”, as they call themselves, are also partially cybernetic. This could mean all sorts of things, from increased agility and strength, to immortality. You really, really don’t want to piss these guys off, but you can’t just leave your companions. You ponder your next move.

Aleksander Ristic: I pull out my pistol (presumably I have a side arm) and point it at the humanoid. "Understand me or not, you are our guide." I throw Jack a grenade and tell him to try the sliding door to see if he can blow a hole through it. Just to show I'm not kidding I shoot the blue humanoid in the shoulder and a blood curdling scream is heard. "We've got to find a way to Roger".

GM: Moralis (roll - 15) Ullr (roll- 11) Moralis pulls the trigger. A spray of purple blood paints the wall and Ullr shrieks in pain. A gaping hole is blown through his shoulder.

Austin Craft: OOC: thats messed up yo. jus sayin

Austin Craft: "oh this motha just jumped to the top of my hit list" i think as i regain my posture and push aside the pain pulsing from my shoulder. I smile at moralis as if to say "is that it?" i brush my thumb across my nose and nod my head toward a corridoor. "my only advantage over the other two is that i can read the glyphs... and they cant...

GM: Ullr (Roll - 8) you absorb the pain best as you can, but you know this is going to slow you down. Looking at the Glyphs you read they are a waring. Something isn't right. There is a presence...

GM: OOG: Austin, you totally started it.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I move across the room towards the door making sure to keep the alien in my eyesight as much as possible. When I get there I search the door, walls, and floor (looking back periodically to make sure the alien doesnt get any ideas while my back is turned) for something that might open them without the use of explosives... Grenades might come in handy later... No sense wasting them unnecessarily.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: OOC: Craft... Your lucky we didnt just shoot you when we all entered this building... You just tried to kill one of us and made a threatening move toward the other remember?

Austin Craft: OOG: i didnt see shit yo. you all are crazy lol

Austin Craft: I look at the two men "do you want to survive this place and get your friend back?" i ask. they realize i do speak their language and its the first time they have heard my voice. they are stunned. so I repeat my question in a more demanding tone. "well, do you?"

Austin Craft: I look at the two men "do you want to survive this place and get your friend back?" i ask. they realize i do speak their language and its the first time they have heard my voice. they are stunned. so I repeat my question in a more demanding tone. "well, do you?"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I turn around with a shocked look on my face to stare at the alien "What do you know about this place?"

Austin Craft: "more than you do. thats all you need to do right now. and if you shoot me to get more than that out of me, then aim to kill me, and die later by those who guard this place. because thats what will happen." a sarcastic smile takes over my mouth.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I look at the Gunny to see how he reacts to this. Then I ask "what exactly are these guardians? Was that huge thing out there a guardian?" Fear starts to show in my face as I think of having to deal with MORE of those things to get out of here

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: "We barely hurt that one out there how the hell are we supposed to fight more?!"

Steve Brand: Roger contemplates what he should say to the guardians. "The singularity. Where flesh meets steel, and nerve is wire."

Austin Craft: "no. that thing outside was an anuk' metahh. its nothing comprared to those protecting this place. now, if you're done running your mouth, we should move." i turn to walk down the corradoor again

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I watch as he walks towards me and as he gets nearer I move out of his way and take a few steps back from the door to give him more room (and to avoid being too close to him unnecessarily).

GM: All (Roll - 1) You are all instantaneously transported to another section of the stone structure. Your cells are pulled apart and reconstructed. Burning with pain racking your nervous system all of you drop to the hard stone floor. It is dark...or maybe your eyes haven't adjusted. Either way everything hurts like hell.

Steve Brand: OOC: including me? dang

GM: OOG: yep

Steve Brand: "Clearly, owwwww... that was the WRONG question."

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I do a quick physical check to make sure all my equipment and such is still there. Most important of which is my pistol. Then I attempt to overcome the combined pain of my wrist AND this teleportation enough that I can stand up carefully. I dont know whats happening but I know I want to face it standing up.

GM: Everyone checks their gear. Weapons, instrument, tools etc. ALL GONE. You have nothing but the clothes on your back.

Steve Brand: "great. How am I supposed to break stuff now?" says roger as he realizes he has no tools.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I stand up and get into a defensive posture. As my eyes adjust to the darkness I start trying to look around whatever room or cell we are in.

Steve Brand: "assuming, I'm not the only one here..... watch your step. just trust me on this one." roger looks around for any familiar orange "lights"

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I extend a hand towards Roger to help him stand up. "What do you mean 'just trust you'? Do you know what just happened? What caused it? Where the hell are we? And wheres my gear?"

Steve Brand: "nope. but I saw who runs this place...... they seem nice enough... mostly. They do not trust us one bit. And that's probably how we have to keep it for now to say the least. However, they're extremely intelligent and it seems like their species has passed the singularity. Essentially, we have two ways out of here. Have them learn to trust us, or get the heck out of here. Fighting them is probably the worst option in this one."

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: "How the hell are we supposed to fight them? That blue guy that attacked the Gunny said something about those "Guardians" or whatever are even worse than that Gator thing that tried to eat me... And IDK about anyone else but dont have my pistol let alone any other gear."

Steve Brand: "that's exactly my point. We're not. maybe it's a test to see if we're worthy of knowledge, but anything past getting out of here or getting them on our side is suicide"

GM: RP closed for the evening. Come back tomorrow :)

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

Austin Craft: Just want to point out to everyone else, i didnt lord anything on the teleportation LOLOLOLOLOL unless the gm wants to tell me im missing pants

GM: Ullr (Roll - 14) You keep your pants. You're still barefoot, tho.


Maybe it’s your eyes playing tricks on you, but you could’ve sworn you saw movement on the other side of the crack in the door. You tighten your grip on your rifle, just to be safe.

Petey (Roll 7)

The data pad chirps out the language that is written on the statue, but you can’t get it to translate into something you know. In the meantime, the water has stopped rising, but it isn’t draining, and it’s freezing. Ts’ui tells you that he saw movement by the door, so now you’re keyed up and ready to go. You center your rifle on the crack in the door as well, ready if anything comes out.

Eduardo (Roll 16)

Your hot wing daydream is rudely interrupted by a small noise coming from the hallway your group just came through. The noise sounded like speech, but you don’t hear a follow up. Suddenly, you see little red dots advancing down the hallway. Laser sights. The soldiers are back and they followed you into the temple/building/thing. Without wanting to draw attention to yourself or your group, you slosh over to your teammates as quietly as possible to tell them of the coming danger. Unfortunately, as soon as you reach them, the group of soldiers comes around the bend, sees you, and opens fire.


You all dive for cover, sinking into the knee deep water. You crawl behind the statue for cover, and begin to return fire. One of the enemy’s rounds hits the statue, knocking a piece off of the sword hilt. Suddenly, the statue’s eyes glow red and begin flashing. Knowing that something is about to go down, you all duck, but all you hear is the continued firing of the enemy soldiers. Ts’ui chances a peek to see where they are, and in that instant sees a giant blue shape descend from the ceiling onto the group of four enemy soldiers. You hear screams and see purple blood splatter onto the walls, the blue shape moving so fast that it is a blur inside the circle of soldiers. As quick as it came down, the soldiers lay dead in the water, their blood clouding the otherwise pristine rain. All of you taking cover, you hear slow, methodical splashes that sound like footsteps, and they are headed towards you.

Carey G DuVal: I slowly stand up, keeping my rifle ready but not raised,and edge along the base of the statue, trying to get a view of whatever it is coming at us.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 12) You catch a glimpse of a giant double bladed weapon. Whatever is attacking the enemy soldiers is huge. 7 feet tall at least.

Carey G DuVal: Holy damn. Guys, that thing is blocking off the only exit right now, and considering how it just took out those soldiers (O.O.C. and is apparently a freaking Predator) I don't want to fuck with it. If worst comes to worst, I'll distract it, you guys run, and I'll seal off the room with that switch on the statue again." I wait until it's done slaughtering the group, and stand up, keeping very close to the base of the statue, and still out of view, ready to kick that switch if need be. I wait for it to make a move.

GM: Roll - 18: The creature doesn't see your team. Just as quickly as it came it vanishes into thin air.

Carey G DuVal: ?"Alright, let's head back down the hall. We're not getting anywhere in here. Pull some stuff off the bodies first. You guys get yourselves some of this body armor if you can, I'll grab some, batteries, (and some blades if they have 'em.)" I head back over and start searching, keeping an eye out for whatever it was that just sliced them up.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: OOC for today and tomorrow i will be responding on an iPhone. So excuse my ttardy ness and poor grammar. I carefully with weapon raised approach the bodies. Watching the spot where the thing first appeared and retrieve whatever I can. Especially armor and a laser sight. Lets carefully and cautiously keep moving.

GM: Ts'ui roll 14, Petey (Roll 13):You find more batteries for your weapons, another side arm for each of you, and body armor that fits. You also find four blades, two large and two small. You take two masks from the group, because the other two are only wearing face paint. You do notice, however, that each soldier has a different style of paint or mask, so it's not a unit wide thing. Or, maybe it is, but this was a rag-tag group such as yourselves. Whatever the case, now you are all well-armed and well-protected, and you only have to worry about a giant 7'+ alien assassin that is still nearby. The thought of how quickly it slaughtered the enemy soldiers leaves you a little cynical about your newfound armory.

GM: All - The door you were originally trying to bypass suddenly slides open, draining most of the water and allowing you a place to leave the room.

Carey G DuVal: Suiting up scene from 90s action movies* I sling my rifle, perform the best I can in ways of a functions check on the sidearm, holster it, then examine the blades. Flip the smaller ones through the fingers of each hand, sheath one and tosses the other to Eduardo, sheaths the larger blade on my back and gives the other big one to Petey."Let's go. Petey, you can lead, I'll watch the back in case that thing comes back. Just don't try to drown us again, sound good? *sarcasm*".

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Starts carefully moving down the hall with weapon raised.

Galo Semblantes: Walk with group, looking all around for anything that catches my attention, either traps, or any signs of an exi.

GM: Your group moves down the hall and emerges into an epic chamber. It's massive. At leas the size of a football stadium. Inside there are hundred of stone statues, cases of books, and what look like ancient computer terminals. Oddly enough, unlike the rest of the building, this place is void of dirt, moss, or anything of that nature. It looks pristine. Something has been maintaining it. You look up and see a second story, a third...fourth...fifth. Stairs lead up and down each floor. The blue light worms its way through the chamber, casting everything in light.

Galo Semblantes: Very carefully, take a look at the place, grab one of the books to see what lenguage is it in. And maybe keep going up the stairs to have a better look and cover the rest.

Carey G DuVal: I'll start walking around the perimeter of the bottom floor, looking for a door or something else of the kind. In my mind, there's way too much information here for us to randomly find something of use, unless..."Hey Petey! Eduardo! Help me look for some maps! Maybe there's something that will tell us how to get around this place. Preferably without getting ourselves killed..

GM: Eduardo - You open a book. It is in the same language as the Hyroglyphs. The pages are yellowed with age.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 11) You see several doors on the first floor. They lead to other passages. Looking around the library there is so much information no maps stand out. You'll have to get a closer look. A haunting feeling is in the bottom of your gu.

Carey G DuVal: ?"I've got a bad feeling about this..." I head up the stairs and start searching for anything useful, maybe if I get to the top floor and get a better vantage point I can tell whats going on in here.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 3) You start walking up the stone stairs. Hundreds of years, perhaps millennia, have taken their toll. You step and the stones break apart. You jump off the stairs before you're crushed. You land to safety but watch as the entire staircase crumples, echoing like a bomb in the stone corridors.

Galo Semblantes: ?"Ts'ui, are you ok? Lets keep moving! There has to be another way up, and out of this place! Let's go to the other end of this room.

GM: There are dozens of options, and as you look around for en exit, you all three hear a sound. Something is stalking you...

Galo Semblantes: I hate stalkers. I turn around and face whatever is following me, ready to shoot to it's head if necesary.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: ?"we should go down a corridor,watch our back and look out for any passages through the ceiling or floor or walls that the stalker could follow through. Maybe we will find and exit or supplies or anything...

Carey G DuVal: ?"Here, if we're going to go a direction, might as well keep going the same way, take the door opposite where we came in. But don't touch anything, that thing back there massacred the soldiers after they shot up that statue, we don't want to piss it off if we don't have to." I start heading for the door, keeping my rifle at low ready.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Good plan. I will watch our back.

GM: You don't make it. The door seals off and you are trapped in the chamber. An voice echos in the darkness. "Tath ek frees esdano." Its haunting timbre sends chills down your spine.

Carey G DuVal: ?"Petey, get out the pad, see what it says about that., Eduardo, watch his back." I start looking around, seeing if the other doors are open and if I can see what the hell is talking at us.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I whip out the pad and get it translating but I am also paying attention to what is going on around me.

Galo Semblantes: I watch Petey's back, looking around for any movement in the room. There is no sign of any creature in here. Maybe there is a door in the upper floors if we try to climb somewhere.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Perhaps we could climb up top the bookshelves.

GM: Petey (Roll - 9) The translator is having difficulty with the language. Its processing.

GM: Eduardo (Roll - 16) You cover the room. Something is moving. No wait. Its tele-porting. Its here. THERE! Gone again. Whatever it is it moves. THERE!! AGAIN! You see it, locking down its location. Its an Alien, the same that slaughtered the enemy soldiers. It vanishes again without a trace. "What the hell man!.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 6) You don't see shit. Eduardo is yelling something in Spanish. Joder, or something like that. There are no doors but you see something in the back corner. You're not sure what it is, but it has a pulley attached to it.

GM: And the RP is closed for the evening.


You all shake of the tremors of pain racking your body. The new area you find yourselves in is cold… very very cold. And black. A loud hum overtakes the room. Lights start to sprinkle the air until the room is fully visible. As the lights fade up you see a large stone case with moving turbines, almost like an engine. As it begins to pulse you feel the air start to charge with an electrical current. On the other end of the “generator” is a passage into yet another dark hall. You turn around and find yourselves at the base of an enormous statue. Its foundation is carved in writing. A voice flutters through the air “Drums like heartbeats, each of war and death. To them let the woe of all fall to. To them let the suffering of civilizations weigh…”

Austin Craft: My adrenaline starts pumping. i get into a defensive pose ready to evade an attack. the others take notice me and start to get uneasy.

GM: The statue's eyes light up with a blue flame.

Steve Brand:"Am I the only one feeling that... static in the air? we need to go. NOW."

Austin Craft: OOG: wow like no one played today lol guess it was a bad day

GM: Sunday: weekend maybe. More to come tomorrow!

Austin Craft: figured as much

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Yeah... I would have played but I pulled a double today and my phone was almost dead so I couldnt post at work.

Petey (Roll - 9)

The translator is having difficulty with the language. It’s processing. All you can tell is the language is very very old, and the building itself can’t be dated. Also, the data pad is picking up some sort of energy signature. It seems to be pulsing… like a beacon.

Eduardo (Roll - 16)

You cover the room. Something is moving. No wait. Its tele-porting. Its here. THERE! Gone again. Whatever it is it moves. THERE!! AGAIN! You see it, locking down its location. Its an Alien, the same that slaughtered the enemy soldiers. It vanishes again without a trace. "What the hell man!"

Ts'ui (Roll - 6)

You don't see shit. Eduardo is yelling something in Spanish. “Joder”, or something like that. There are no doors but you see something in the back corner. You're not sure what it is, but it has a pulley attached to it.

(OOG: Sorry to post the same stuff as yesterday, but we ran out of time before you could play the actions. Good luck everyone!)

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I carefully look around for this beacon. I put in "joder" into the translator. I keep my weapon handy and watch for traps. Hmm a beacon like we detected on board the ship.

Imperial Odyssey: Petey (Roll - 11) Joder = Fuck. You look around the chamber you are in. The data pad says the beacon is coming from all around. Suddenly you feel an electric charge in the air, almost as if you were nearing some power transformers or something. An alien voice calls out. "Aras gin till somas abtathra."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Whilst having control of my bowels I frantically try to get the translator to translalte. Eduardo you hearing this? Ts'ui did I hear thy voice. And Im picking up some kind of energy beacon. Is the monster the beacon?

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Ooc stupid iPhone I meant the voice not thy voice.

Galo Semblantes: If the alien is here, and haven't kill us yet, maybe he is on our side. Maybe we should try to communicate here

GM:"Which brother's banner do you hail?"

Tristan D'Orsaneo: What should we say. I'll translate what we need to say to whatever language it is speaking. Maybe we should tell it we are lost or tell it we are one it's side. Any ideas? Hmm banners. ...

Carey G DuVal: ?"What brother are you talking about? We don't have a banner." I walk over to the corner to examine the pulley.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 20) You walk around a stone pillar and find an elevator system. There are cables that life an old platform to each level of the chamber. Beside the elevator you find what appears to be a map inscribed in the stone. It shows your realative location in the complex. You are in one of 8 giant buildings surrounding some sort of monolith.

GM: Eduardo/Petey (Roll - 19) The alien creature materializes out of thin air, standing before you. He's a towering giant. At least 7, maybe 7 and a half feet tall. He carries a large double bladed staff. His skin is a weird mix of bluish gray, and on closer inspection you notice he's half mechanical. A cybernetic life form. "You are not Aarie. You are not one of the three brothers. Why have you come to our library?" He speaks in English... perfect english.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: ?"Our ship was attacked and we crashed. We were chased by the same species you killed earlier. We ended up in here via a couple traps."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: i keep a firm grip on my weapon

Carey G DuVal: ?"Hey Petey! I found a ma...ohhhh shit." On observation, the alien is armed, but not attacking us. I listen for a second.

"Wait, library? Can you tell us where the heck we are then? Have you seen anybody else like us wandering around?"

GM: The creature stares at the three of you. "The ship you speak of has crashed on top of the library. It has desecrated this holy ground. The survivors belong to us now. The third brother approaches."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: ?"What do you mean by thrid brother? Who are the other two brothers?

GM: ?"The knowlage of the Library was setforth by the Aarie. Their divine keep us here to protect in bitter night and swelter day. Through age of time and void of space. The third brother is here. What do you seek?

Tristan D'Orsaneo: ?"We are not here to steal or harm the library just as i explained before we were chased into a secret entrance and we wandered around and ended up here." I look nervously at eduardo and ts'ui for some help.

Carey G DuVal: ?"What exactly do you mean we belong to you? I don't see anybody else in this room."


You look for a way out of the room, but you see literally hundreds of passageways within the massive structure. Without any weapons or tools, you'd be hard pressed to fend off any additional attacks, either by the enemy soldiers or the Guardians, should they turn violent. There is also the issue of the giant statue, which you are unexplainably fascinated by. There is also a pulsing blue light on the other side of the massive room, and the closer you walk to it, the greater the tingling feeling gets. With the statue's eyes lit blue, you fear some sort of weapon, but nothing happens immediately. The light just stays blue, and you can see a small opening at the foot of the statue. The opening is large enough for a single person of considerable height to pass through.


You look around the giant room as well, unsure of where the teleportation took you. You are fascinated by all of the old knowledge etched into the walls, but your final goal remains forefront in your mind. Looking around, you see that the other members of your group are unarmed, but so are you. You then look up and see a giant statue, but the man who it represents Kyten, the ancient gatekeeper of the prophets. Once you notice the small opening at the base of the statue, a realization dawns on you that shatters your world. ***(Austin, look for a PM from Lukas that explains your character's realization.


The pain actually subsides rather quickly. You don't know if it's the presence of the tingling that you feel, or just nerve fatigue, but you can actually stand up straight and walk around again. Your wrist hurts less, too, but it's still not entirely usable. You see Roger somewhat transfixed on the statue, and the blue alien looking at the giant thing like it may come alive and eat everyone. With hundreds of passageways to choose from, but you basking in the somewhat healing blue light, you choose what to do next.


You look around at the here and now, not paying much attention to the glories of old etched onto the walls or the giant statue in all it's marvel. You're concerned about survival, and getting off world with as many people as you can. Your primary goal right now is to get re-armed,


Everyone is looking at something different when a Guardian appears in the middle of your group. Surprised, and unarmed, you simply stare at the creature as it draws itself to its full height and grips its weapon a little tighter. Suddenly, the Guardian moves towards Jack, almost to quickly to see, and picks him up. Before any of you can shout or defend Jack, the Guardian teleports again, this time taking your comrade with him.

Aleksander Ristic: I look around to see what I can use as a blunt weapon. I find nothing. I try to see if there is anywhere that I can do something to get out of this place. Frustrated, I shout "HEY, Come get me! Leave them out of this. Let them go!" Long pause, then a tremor"

GM: A voice blankets the room. "Only shall the proven move with grace. And their freedom shall match. Do you wish to stand the tests?"

Austin Craft: OOG: batman is epic enough for any stuation. jus sayin

Austin Craft: ?"not good" i think as i watch the guardian disappear with jack. "theres something about that prphets statue that i must get close enough to see. but i doubt i can get close enough before one of them gets me too."

GM: Jack You once again feel the atoms of your body being taken apart and put back together, but its not as painful this time. The alien that has hold of you puts you on a table, straps down your limbs, and puts a mask on your face. You struggle valiantly, but soon you pass out from the gas piping through the mask. You awaken in the same room, bindings unlocked. You do a quick systems check. All your limbs are present, you aren't missing clothing, and all your orifices feel un-molested. As you pat yourself down, your head jerks to your wrist. In place of the shattered bone and ripped sinew, your wrist and hand gleam metallic. You move your fingers one by one, and you look at the new wiring that was once your own flesh. You grip the side of the table, hard, and the metal bends and folds under your hand like tissue paper. The alien walks out from a dark corner of the room. He looks at you, and you look at him after wrenching yourself away from your new hardware. "This gift is given to those who prove themselves worthy." says the alien. "Do not waste it, for the time to use it will come very soon" With those words, he grabs your shoulder, you teleport back to the room with Roger, Moralis, and the blue alien, and the Guardian disappears.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: Realizing that this thing could easily crush me if it wanted to AND its armed and Im not I decide to pray that it doesnt intend to hurt me. When we get wherever it teleported us to I look around curiously.

GM: The group stands bewildered. What was hours for Jack was mere seconds for them. These aliens can manipulate space-time; if that wasn't obvious enough from the teleporting.

GM: Ullr (Roll4) you try to get close to the statue but the Guardian reappears with Jack. He eyes you and points at you. "You are unlike the others. Welcome, second brother."

Austin Craft: ?"uhhhh" is the only thing that exits my mouth. i look around at tthe other warily. "Peace upon you brother." I say to the guardian as collected and respectfully as possible. i know that upon hearing this from the guardian, it is sure to get a rise from the others so i take a few careful stepps toward a wall so i can see them all.

GM: Ullr The Guardian nods curtly, and speaks as though he is reading your soul. "What you seek is not within these walls. But through the portal, you shall find all that you seek, and still more. Be careful when treading the path of gods, San'rik son of San'rang. Their footsteps do not fall in mortal coil."

GM: RP is done for the evening. The climax of the story is coming very soon, so stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting turn of events!

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: ?... I have a metal hand? >.< this gonna be fun! Lol

Steve Brand: and I didn't see this today. whoops. sorry dudes


“You have entered our Library without our summons. The Prophets herald was not for you. But you are not Aarie, and do not bring the scourge. You!” The Guardian of the Library points to Ts’ui. “Your blood is alive on the hulk of the ship. Along with many others of your kind. You will be granted their live and your own, and you will all be granted the full knowledge of the Library, if only you purge the third brother from these hallowed ground. Do this and break free your shackles. Do not, and you will breath your last in these stone walls.” The Alien disappears, leaving you all behind.

“What did he mean” Eduardo asks.

“Those other aliens. He wants us to get rid of them.” Petey responds in a matter of fact voice. Ts’ui is at a lost for words. He knows his sister is alive somewhere in the ruins.

“We have to find the survivors of the crash.” Ts’ui’s voice echoes through the library chamber.

“Kill the aliens and we get them back. Didn’t you hear the tall weird things?” Eduardo answers. Petey is just about to voice his opinion when a loud crash rings through the chamber. A deafening boom crashes through the air. All three look upward to the ceiling. Stone free falls to the ground. Quickly the three run for cover. Rocks slam into the stone floor, breaking and crumbling to pieces. Loud screams ring in the air, followed by heavy thuds. When the dust settles the group come out from hiding. Strewn over the floor of the library are 3 bodies; crew from the ship. Petey recognizes a Helmecute as a cook. The other two are unknown. You quickly search their bodies and find another enemy mask along with a pulse rifle and a spatula.

After a short prayer you make your next move…

Carey G DuVal: "Let's get moving, c'mon! Look, I found a map of the structure and an elevator system here. If we can get to the top of this structure, maybe we can see where the hell we are. More importantly, we can see where the ship landed. He said it was on top right? If he's not bullshitting, then I say we find whatever he wants and kill it."
I head over to the map and begin memorizing it, then try and figure out the elevator system, then stop and think why the hell a Helmecute just fell from the damn ceiling.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 10) You try as best as you can to memorize the map. The entire place is huge and the map itself is pretty large so you can't dedicate every detail to memory, but you get the general idea. You start to work on the elevator but it is locked to the ground.

Carey G DuVal: I start looking around for a switch, anything that might work with the elevator here.

GM: Ts'ui (Roll - 18) You find what looks like a stone peg that might fit into a hole on the lock. Placing it inside the lock opens. You are now free to use the elevator.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: Can I take a picture of the map with the data pad?
"It killed a helmecute! there is no way we can kill it! Fuck!" I take the spatula in his/her rememberence.

GM: You take a picture with the data pad and save it.

Galo Semblantes: Lets go up to look for the other groups, kill every one of this alien soldiers on the way.

Galo Semblantes: ?"Hey Ts'ui, Petey, lets keep going up" (OCC I hear I'm rolling a20 on that)

GM: The three of you board the elevator and go up to the third floor. Here you step off and find yourselves facing a room full of sarcophagi.

Galo Semblantes: Lets find and exit from this room quickly, trying not to touch any of these sarcophagi and show respecto to the big alien and this place.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: ?"I don't know about you guys but i wouldn't touch one of them. They could be trapped like everything else in this place."

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I pull out the data pad and look for an exit on the picture i took of the map.

GM: Eduardo, Petey (Roll - 2) You move into the third floor of the library and a pulse from an enemy rifle burns past you. Petey is clipped, a searing microwave pulse melting through the skin of his arm. Eduardo jumps behind a stone sarcophagus. Ts'ui trips and falls.

Galo Semblantes: ?"Let's shoot this alien bastards!! Petey, cover me, I'll try to go around them. Ts'ui, go the other way!" I start running through the sarcophagi

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I immediatly jump to a sarcophagus near eduardo. I crouch down and try to endure the pain. Hopefuly, if edaurdo and ts'ui fight them off, eduardo can patch me up. I attempt to fire y rifle at the direction of the enemies.

Tristan D'Orsaneo: I start spraying wildly in their direction, giving Eduardo some cover.

Galo Semblantes: I start shooting at them as crazy aiming to ther big ugly faces!

GM: Eduardo - roll 20, Petey - roll 10, Ts'ui - roll 11: Eduardo hits every single one of the enemy soldiers, four in total, in their big ugly faces. In fact, he drops them so fast that both Petey and Ts'ui look over with a mix of awe and fear. Eduardo breathes out slowly, rubs his nose with his thumb, and utters the phrase, "Via con Dios, puta" He then slings his rifle, walks over to the dead bodies, and grabs the batteries from their rifles, more pistols, and some fruit flavored chewing gum. He smiles, pops a piece into his mouth, and says, "I'm here to kick ass and chew gum, but I just found some gum."

GM: RP is over for the evening. The climax of the story is coming very soon, so stay tune tomorrow for the exciting turn of events!

Carey G DuVal: Lol sorry I was totally busy today. See ya'll tomorrow. Nice "They Live" ref.


The Guardian utters these words: "What you seek is not within these walls. But through the portal, you shall find all that you seek, and still more. Be careful when treading the path of gods, San'rik son of San'rang. Their footsteps do not fall in mortal coil." To the others in your group, they mean nothing, to you, the knowledge that this creature has of you and your motives is unnerving. They are told to guard the universe’s knowledge for a reason, you think, but you didn’t know that this task gave them the ability to see all the future knowledge as well. You also are taken aback by his use of your given name, the one you forsook nearly 150 years ago. The memories that drive you flood back in like a levy breaking under the strain of the sea, and you collapse to your knees. Your father, your mother, the trial, the words, all cascading into the mind you protected for so long. The simple warning of the Guardian puts you out of commission for nearly five minutes, and when you compose yourself, you look up to see three very bewildered Zintonieans and no Guardians in sight.


Well, the blue alien has been screaming and crying for about five minutes, so obviously the Guardian hurt his feelings. But, you really, really want to check out the statue, so you begin the longer than expected trek to the case of the structure. Once you get there, you feel an odd pulling sensation, and the closer you get to the opening at the case of the statue, the stronger it gets. When you get within ten feet of it, you actually have to brace yourself against falling over. “Odd,” you think, moving around the base to see how it’s made. When you get behind it, you see what looks like a weapons rack. You walk over and find ten of the spear looking things that the Guardians have with them, along with a few ancient projectile based weapons that you aren’t entirely sure how to work. “Hey guys,” you yell, “Come back here and see this.”


You’re still playing with your new hand when you hear Roger yell from behind the huge statue. Weird, you didn’t see him leave, but he is rather small and unassuming, and your new hand is the bees knees. You walk at a quick clip and find him staring at a weapons rack. Now you’re really interested, so you jog over to see what you have. There are ten spear/sword combos the Guardians like, along with a few projectile weapons. You pick up a crossbow looking item, aim it at the wall, and pull the trigger. A metal spike shoots out like a lightning bolt, impacting the stone wall and wedging itself deep into the solid rock. Another spike immediately cycles into chamber, and you realize you have a repeating crossbow that shoots almost as straight as a rifle. “Cool,” you think, so you call Moralis over to offer him the same. But, just as a test, you grab one of the spears as well, but with your normal hand. You can’t lift it. As you walk away with your new toy, you look back, smile, and grab the spear with your new, cybernetic hand. You can easily lift the spear, so you round the corner with a crossbow in your firing hand and a giant spear in the other. Things are looking up.


You grab a crossbow from Jack, and a smaller sword similar to the one Roger found outside the temple, only this one is in much better condition. It’s heavy, but not unwieldable. You will need both hands to use it, so you sling the crossbow and heft the blade. Now that your group is armed again, and in a strange and huge room, you wonder what to do next. The Guardian mentioned something about a portal right before the blue alien started bawling, and you know that there are survivors around. You lay the sword on one shoulder, turn to your group, and say, “We’re going to find survivors, and kill any masked alien bastard that decides to get in the way. If you need to change your panties, now is the time to do it. Follow me.”

Steve Brand: "well, that's a badass psychological pull.... what else this thing got? More dakka?" roger says as he looks the statue over inside and out.

Aleksander Ristic: I walk around the temple to find this portal. I lose all respect for my surroundings and start upsetting or breaking anything in my path to make this portal appear. This sword, while initially uncomfortable is starting to grow on me. I notice, some movement in the darkness at the edge of the room on my right. I feel like we're not alone. I get myself in a ready postition for a fight and the slightest of smirks marks my face.

GM: All (Roll - 18) Moralis' noise attracts a full platoon of masked enemy soldiers. The pour into the chamber from three doors and start to open fire. In a matter of miliseconds the room is filled with microwave pulses...

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I fire my crossbow and hurl the spear at the closest group of enemies. Then I dive for cover behind the statue. My badass hand won't do me any good if I die form one of those pulses.

GM: Jack (Roll - 8) you counter attack but its too late. The masked soldiers fan out across the room and your shots go stray. Luckily you find cover behind the statue as 2 microwave pulses fly by your head.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I fire from behind my cover, popping out to yell insults every so often. Can I get near that rack? If I can then I also throw the extra spears at the enemy.

GM: Jack (Roll - 16) two of your spears make contact and bring down a few of the enemy soldiers. As you do there is a loud electrical hum that takes over the room .You look at the statue. Its eyes burn brightly.

Austin Craft: thru all this confusion and meyhem i decide to try and get away from the battle and got track down the portal on my own by reading the wall for any clues. The fact that these Guardians know why im here and what my intensions are is really unnerveing. Besides that, if the others find the portal, they run the risk of ruining my planned intensions for the prophets.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I continue to fight the enemy... but I'm somewhat distracted by the noise and the bright glow coming from the statue.

GM: The statue and the hum increase in intensity. The blue eyes flare like bon-fires and the hum drones on like a jet engine. Then, unexpected, a bright blue light burts from the base. It fades into what looks like a vertical sheet of water. Silver, semi-transparent.

Glenn Paul Buddy Gosbee: I go to check it out... This must have something to do with the Guardians and they just gave me this wicked awesome hand so it cant be anything too bad for me right?

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