"You know what I hate most about her?" Diamond voiced as she walked down a hallway with Slither.

            "Oh would you give it a rest, you've been complaining for ten minutes straight!"

            "Exactly, want to know why? Because she's dangerous, she's reckless, and she's not a team player!" Diamond continued. The two marched down a hall lined with painted columns that stretched to the eight and a half foot ceiling. Staffers were going about their daily routine of cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming, seemingly oblivious to the Queensmen's presence. "You even said it yourself Slither. Remember? After the Shadow's Genesis mission you came back and said..."

Chapter 24

The Ecstatic Sorrow

"Attention!" Amelia called as Queen Madelyn pushed through the thick double doors into the briefing room. The five Queensmen stood rigid as the Queen maneuvered to the front seat.

"As you were," her gentle voice was filled with stress. She typed a command into the computer embedded in the table, ordering it to bring up the Naval security reports on the boarders. Madelyn had grown wary of an incoming invasion since the attempt on Troy’s life. Scanning over the text she let out a long sigh of relief, happy to find the boarders firmly secured. "Thank Visuvie."

"The boarders are secure ma'am, there's nothing to worry about," Calikite reassured her.

"That's easy for you to say. Okay, what exactly happened down there?"

            Crota landed against a button filled wall, spiting up blood. She dropped to her knees coughing furiously, choking on trickles of vomit sliding up her throat. A deep black boot rushed up from the ground and landed in her cheekbone, dislocating her jaw as it cracked her head back.

            Crota dropped to her back and immediately rolled to the side, barely dodging a swing from a sword. She pushed herself to her feet and quickly backpedaled from the Shadowy Figure. The Eloth'Naka turned his body and approached with a menacing stride, moving like a shadow across the ground. His gleaming sword shimmered brilliantly in the hundreds of the lights of main engineering, sparkling with an eerie glow.

Chapter 3

Guards to a Goddess

            Harp stood outside a large metal door, waiting. The massive hallways of the palace dwarfed him as he silently stood in their midst. None of the beautiful paintings, nor the impressive sculptures, or even the age-defining architecture affected Harp. Only the door and what lay behind it captivated his thoughts.

            He did not know why he stood outside, or why on this particular occasion he was afraid to enter. He had always been welcomed, and even considered it his home. But something was holding him back, something Harp did not quite understand. A strange nervousness took hold of him, pulling him away from the joy he would find behind the door. Forcefully he closed his eyes and took a step forward, acting as if he stepped onto the gallows. Harp extended an uneasy hand and pushed open the thin metal entrance, lightly scraping his fingers against its cold frame.

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"Denot'Am" excerpt from "Pariph la'Kae"

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...and so it shall be called the house of the Kae. All things of this manner and of this matter and forms across the universe, and the sea of black, and the things in which it encompasses, and those that are too small to see will fall under it. For in all of this that is and was and ever will be is seen from the house of the Kae. Bless...

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